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Monday, June 30, 2014


Na Nach Friends

I am sharing my new book Genesis Revealed for free as PDF from my website

It focuses a lot on Rabbeinu's teachings and the Torah of the Tzaddik.  I hope you have a chance to take a look.

I hope the book will also help bring people to shuva because I have tried to answer a lot of the questions that I myself had before my shuva regarding Genesis.  Please share it with those who you think might benefit from this.

kol tuv,

Avraham Apatow

Friday, June 27, 2014

Saving the Economy of the Ukraine and putting out the fire (only way to do it)

Dear Minister of the Economy, Mr. Pavlo Sheremeta.

Congratulations on being part of such a dynamic team. I hope you take a few minutes to go through this Facebook site. Even though it seems like the simple work of a single Israeli citizen it is in fact much more then strange fact for you to realize is that by simply taking away the 5 Hyrvenia and placing someone better on it like Tsar Paul I, son of Tsar Katherine. This righteous leader the father of Alexander I (who had the misfortune of trusting Napoleon) was assassinated by the Kremlin for wanting to liberate the serfs. By following MY advice, you will boost the Ukrainian economy the very easy way! I have nothing personal to gain from this and ask for nothing.

I could come to meet you and show you how selling the Bones of Rabbi Nachman to the Israeli Government would also give enormous powers to your new government for the good of all Ukrainians. Again here I am not asking for anything, it is me that wants to bring you income and mostly... PEACE.

If Rabbi Nachman is not brought to Jerusalem, unfortunately, nothing will bring Peace to the Ukraine, consider the biblical Egyptian story like a dress rehearsal of what is about to unfold.

If you doubt my words, look at this time line. I am not the one making the decisions, you are, and the Lord (he does exist) above also.

Geoffrey Max Spiro

Congratulations to Kateryna Yushchenko and maybe Pavlo Sherementa

Prof. Kateryna Yushchenko,

Congratulations on your liberation from judicial persecution yesterday, as well as having been taken out of prison. Serving three years is a very long time, especially when it is unjust. Josef served more years, but he did get preferential treatment in prison, while his brothers sold him as a slave over lunch and for new shoes, which shows total lack of human emotions.
You understand this far better then I do. Josef only wanted their good all the time. It is Josef who saved the world before and it is Josef that will save the world again.

According to Rabbi Nachman (likutey Moharan II 67) Josef's birth is the result of (20) years of tears of Rachel. The G-d will be present in Jerusalem like before as the result of "Nachamo Nachamo Ami" people saying the words Na Nach Nachma Nachman (please rest in peace Nachman) to each other. The name Josef is explained by Moses "add me another son" and Benjamin, son of freedom (for Jacob) was not accepted by Rachel as the answer to her prayers.

3000 years of tears of Rachel and pogroms have now given the nation of Israel the merit and the opportunity to fulfill the promise of bringing the bones of Josef (Rabbi Nachman) to Jerusalem. Is the Knesset less corrupt then the Kremlin? Who runs the Bank of International Settlements and everything else today? Pharaoh! and he forgot about Rabbi Nachman and about Josef! Some |Jewish people you know who didn't forget the promise are the Rabbanit Bruria Efergan and also my very good friend Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit.

By unilaterally "giving" Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion, the Ukraine will become the most righteous nation on the planet, therefore the leading nation, by the will of G-d. My blessings for you to carry this banner!

I would be delighted to come to assist you with this mission for as long as you need. This needs to begin immediately so Rabbi Nachman can be here by Rosh Hashana and so the bloodshed can stop before the fire is out of control.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
Please pass this on to Economy Minister Pavlo Sheremeta

Congratulation to Kyiv Post

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations on obtaining the distinguished journalism award today, you truly deserve it, I had previously noticed the high quality of your journalism and decided Russia was no match for the Ukraine as a result!

The fact that the award is from Missouri is important. In 1820 Missouri became the last state in the USA where slavery of blacks was legal. The name of g-d appears 1820 times in the Old Testament, there are 27 examples of G-d associating his name to 1820, other examples are the numeric values of the names of the sons of Moses or the surviving sons of Ahron. GOD HATES SLAVERY so he doesn't love the Kremlin too much. Tzar Paul I and Alexander I were forward thinking leaders, but the Kremlin was high-jacked by those that wanted white slaves! This happened during the time when Rabbi Nachman, the most holy man in Jewish History was one of their subjects. Even Josef can hardly compare to Rabbi Nachman and this is described (in the letter below addressed) to President Peres before his meeting with President Obama and probably with his friends the Clintons as well. I just hand delivered this letter.

You can read my other correspondence with state leaders at facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

I truly believe that G-d wants to do good for the Ukraine and the opportunity being placed before you now is unimaginable. The israeli Government should be willing to pay ANY PRICE for the remains of Rabbi Nachman and I will be delighted to help you accomplish this!

Please acknowledge having received this letter, an article about this would push things forward, contact me with your questions and what you need.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem shared a link.
4 hours ago
Mordecai Spiro
11 Ebay Ha Nachal
Gush Etzion 90966

The Office of the President
Hanassi St.
Jerusalem 92188
Tel: 972-2-6707211
Fax: 972-2-5610037

To the President of the State of Israel,
Your Excellency,

I have a strong belief that the goal of Peace can and will be achieved, and you come first on everyone's list as a vigorous fighter for this inevitable necessity. I see the liberation of Jonathan Pollard and all other humanitarian tragedies as the direct result of a lack of focus on the true cause of all suffering in the world, resulting from slavery to man or slavery to lust. All the curses and confusion the world and the Jewish Nation have experienced are the direct result of having sold our leader, Josef. Josef is a true man of Peace, who succeeded in uniting the whole world and feeding them during a time of total economic crisis (Likutey Moharan 80)(It is also fitting here to mention that all the people on the Israeli Shekels are the people that made the first book of the Israeli Presidency which the village I founded is named after, while our grain comes from the Ukraine).

Had we kept our promise to Josef and taken his bones out, us and not Moses alone, it would have taken only three days to go through Gaza and build an eternal temple with Moses (eternal probably means people would have gone back to being like Adam).

Rachel cried for 20 years to "earn" Josef (Likutey Moharan Taninia 67). Not satisfied with Benjamin (son of Jacob's "freedom') as the "second son" she asked for, she began crying for 3000 years to "earn" for this prayer to be fulfilled. This prayer needs more then the tears of Rachel, it needs the boundless tears of the generations of the children of Israel and of all those sons of Adam that yearn to be like their father, before the sin.

My observation is, that G-d has placed a brilliant man and the most exceptional diplomat since Benjamin Franklin to have been invited as an honored guest by a President who was elected to represent Freedom and Hope. The conjuncture is sanguine, the Ukrainian Government is in need of a way to save their country from becoming the bloody battleground for the struggle between Servitude and Mercantilism, while President Obama has made a 20 BILLION Dollar contract to purchase helicopters for Air-force One. If you want to really motivate President Obama, freeing Prof. Pollard, although a worthy cause, is not the ascendant move he expects from the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate you, President Clinton and President Obama are.

Very grateful for the services you have given to us all,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project Coordinator at 42 Jaffa St.

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