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Monday, May 26, 2014

Up goes the Crown of Norway?

Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
co The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
42 Jaffo Street

Det kongelig hoff
Det kongelig slott
0010 Oslo

His Royal Majesty King Harald V

Your Royal Majesty has just entered a new era for the Norwegian Crown.  You have the possibility of being the central link between the elections taking place yesterday in the Ukraine, the Norwegian chief officer of NATO, your own Monarchy within the European nations but independent of Brussels and  the religious world peace that is now set to be managed from Jerusalem thanks to the diligence of His Holiness Pope Francis and Honorable Secretary of State, John Kerry.  You can even take note that Rabbi Michael Melchior from theMosaiske Trossamfund at St Hans Hagen where the Nobel Fedspris committee is headquartered, almost became Chief Rabbi of England.  

Of the many organisations you sponsor through your leadership or generous contributions I want to suggest the one that will be of greatest interest to the crown and to mankind at large, I suggest: "The Royal Alliance of King David". King David has become the father of all priests, generals and Kings. The way to empower this alliance is to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion fromUman in the Ukraine.  The source of all wealth in the times of Pharaoh was Josef, even his sepulchre.  The Pharaohs that honored Josef were honored, the one that forgot Josef was destroyed along with his nation.  This is no coincidence.  RabbiNachman is no other then the second son of Rachel (Likutey Moharan B. 67 last line) glory to the ones who bring him to Mt. Zion and keep the covenant from before (G-d)!  

Technically speaking the way to do this is simple:

The Ukrainian economy is in shambles since they decided to circulate large quantities of hryvnia with Bohdan Khmelnytsky (maybe the most cruel man in history) on it, the economy as shrunken by 35%, I had warned them of this.  Your majesty needs to select people like Paul I or Alexander I of Russia, and other truly forward thinking, great leaders that believed in the freedom and holy mission of all mankind.  These are people that need to be printed on a new currency for the new Ukrainian Government, this will guarantee their success.  My suggestion to your gracious Majesty, is that you provide them with the currency as a personal gift from the Norwegian Crown!  Any real effort you do in this direction will be rewarded directly by G-d in the form of increased value of the Norwegian Kroner and the Norwegian economy and level of peace and law.

Copies to:

President of Israel Shimon Peres
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honorable. John Baird
Ambassador of the United States, His Excellency Daniel Shapiro
Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Danny Ayalon
President of the Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit
Chief Rabbi of Norway, Rabbi Michael Melchior

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