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Friday, May 2, 2014

The only way to Peace


In the name of all that the Clinton Foundation stands for and therefore as a true friend, I suggest you avoid the Presidential run and focus your concentration on one single operation.  Bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. 

 This activity, of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, its-self, will turn humanity into ONE TRIBE, the tribe of Rachel!  
Rachel cries for her sons, I say SONS.  Rachel stopped crying after Josef was born but not satisfied with Benjamin (the son of Jacob ONLY(look at the text)) she started crying again til the "second son" would be born.  In Likutey Moharan lesson 66, which is the age of Mrs Clinton, but also the age of the State of Israel, there it is about Rachel being the mother of Rabbi Nachman!  Indeed, Rabbi Nachman makes four steps on the holy land (near the cave of Eliahu, Haifa) and wants to go back to Ukraine!  Very strange also that just before he dies he says "what do you have to worry about, since I went there before you, just stick together and I will be with you". 

This strange behavior becomes clear when you understand the relation between Rabbi Nachman and Josef.  Josef is the source of all monetary wealth in the world and all the grain (look it up in the bible).  The four people that printed the book of Odesser (Heb 10) are on the four Israeli banknotes, hence all the money.  95% of the wheat consumed in Israel comes from the Ukraine where Rabbi Nachman is buried.  Rabbi Odesser claims "he himself" IS Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman which litterally means "please rest peacefully Nachman from Uman". 

Josef made the whole nation formally promise to bring his bones to Israel, although the nation refused to keep their promise, Moses carried the bones his death at  til 120. Joshua chose 10 men to carry Josef into Israel, but it was Serach Bat Acher, who lived to see the man she was prevented from marrying, buried on his home turf which would have been hers had the brothers not sold her destined husband (she was an adopted gentile orphan).  The fact is had we assisted Moses with this mission (of HIS) we could have fought our way right into Israel, avoiding the sea.  We would have also avoided the generation to generation fight against the Amalekites who understood that the sea had only opened for 4 people into 12 seperate channels (not only were we undeserving, we were not united).  

Bringing the BONES of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will be the fulfillment of the original promise that G-d asked Josef to make us take before him.  

I am giving you this information because leaders like yourselves understand that it is no longer a question about "being Jewish" or "being religious", it is a question about keeping a formal (primary) promise made before G-d!  Those that do this will be the chosen leaders of mankind, and the heads of the tribe of Rachel, through Rabbi Nachman, the children SHE is still crying for!

With the utmost respect,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project coordinator

Copied to:

President of Israel, His Excellency Shimon Peres
PMO, of Canada, The Honorable John Baird
The Ambassador of the United States, Daniel Shapiro
Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman

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