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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shem N (L) (I)

MordecaI Geoffrey Max Spiro
World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
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Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Honorable Mr. John Baird,

I was really impressed by the speech your honor made at the AJC and now after having read today and yesterdays messages from the PMO, concerning elections in the Ukraine,  and the visit of the Royals,  I can respond with confidence.  The spokesman from JDC  asked with stageman-ship if you had made the right choices.  Men of faith know how loaded such a question is since we all stand before G-d.  Based on what you said in your speech, I was sure you had again done so as usual.  

Now that the Royals are concluding their visit,  you have the opportunity to make the Royal Highness's aware that the currency of Canada as well as your economies are going to go straight up thanks to Canada leading the world in the effort to bring Rabbi Nachman's bones to Mt. Zion.  The success of this project will give King David much more importance in the eyes of the world then he has today, which in turn will empower the crown of the Commonwealth. 

Real nobility throughout the world will love this. 

Assuring you of my full support,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project Coordinator

Copies to:

Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman
His Excellency the United States Ambassador, Daniel Shapiro
His Excellency the Israeli Ambassador, Danny Ayalon
Mayor of Kharkiv, Mr. Hennady Kernes

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