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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Proof that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel

Your Excellency,

This is the text where Rabbi Natan composes Rabbi Nachman's revelation that he is the second son of Rachel.  I could not find any English translations online.  There is a lot more about this subject, worth creating an international study group.  Rachel is potentially the mother of all mankind, that would be a situation of Peace and Prosperity, most importantly of truth.

AGAIN (proofs that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel):

1) The currency (strong) all the people that made the book of Odesser (1st book of the Presidency)
2) 95% of the grain comes from Ukraine
3) Josef came out by himself - Rabbi Odesser says I am Rabbi Nachman
4) Uman 354 km (gematria Na Nach) Odesser (city) Ber (sea/well) Israel (country/person) first letters: Ebay ha Nachal (novea mekor chochma) direct road towards Israel Uman->Odessa->Tiberia.
5) Likutey Moharan Tanina 67 (specifically last line) says it himself.



Because there are clouds that cover over the eyes, they are "romi rbati and romi zeirati, understandably.  This is like and they came back "heavim" after the rain this is the light of the eyes, that leaves after the tears,
as was said by our rabbi his memory be a blessing, that because of the tears it goes and dissapears the light of the eyes. This is like the dawning of the light in the west, because the sun rises in the east and dawns in the west.  All this is like the tears, because of which the light goes out from the eyes.[Note: Rabbi Nachman believes that sight is a power that leaves the eyes, not the common understanding at all] because "maarav" first letters of Rachel cries for her children....

last line of the lesson.....Because the main birth of the Tzaddik (saint) is like that of Josef he is  from Rachel.

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