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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

President Obama, THE problem and solution in a nutshell

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I learned to really appreciate your work.  Blame it on "G-d loves America and freedom" if you want, but undeniable you were chosen by him to represent our great nation!  It takes one to know one.

I was born in Dakar, Senegal, Africa (my father Joel, worked for US AID).  Today I live near Jerusalem in the village of Ebay Ha Nachal.  As you already know, Dakar (which you visited with Airforce One) is the port of departure for the slave trade as long as it lasted.  Ebay Ha Nachal (Blossoms_of_the_Spring) oppositely, is the village from which absolute freedom will spread to the world.

The Israeli Shekel is illustrated with the 5 personae that created the book Ebay Ha Nachal, and this; even in spite of the will of the current Israeli administration (praise the Lord,  Mr. Stanley Fischer appointed to the Federal Reserve and Mrs Karnit Flug are following G-d will).  Understand there is no coincidence in these seemingly unrelated events.

The story of the  US Dollar is the key to understanding the story of the Israeli Shekel and how G-d hates slavery in all forms, including the slavery of man to man.  It is also in the United States that G-d has his decisive historic victory over slavery in 1820. the year of the Missouri Compromise.

What is happening now in the Ukraine is the last leg of the struggle out of which we will emerge with the blessing of Sir Winston Churchill, for total victory.

The name YKVK appears 1820 times in the books of Moses.  The value of YKVK is 26 and the value of Elokim is 65, if you add 26+27+...+64+65 you get = 1820.  The numerical value of the names of the sons of Moses is 1820 and so is the numerical value of the surviving sons of Aron. There are 27 ways G-d associates his name to the number 1820!  The year of the Missouri Compromise.

That year humanity apparently lost its long struggle against slavery.  In the USA it was against slavery of the colored, but in Europe Tzar Paul I had been assassinated in front of his son Alexander I both against all odds were attempting to free the slavic peasants and serfs which were in fact white slaves.  The Kremlin remained the champion of slavery, in spite of the Tzars.

The South printed a dollar which represented what they treasured, black slaves and topless women (gold and diamonds, (milk and honey)).  The Northern Greenback illustrated 5 men that fought against slavery (abolitionists).  G-d had his way, the Southern Greyback died and the Northern Greenback is still with us today.

There is a level of freedom beyond that of the Greenback and it is the level of freedom of the Shekel.  The Shekel represents the idea that the human body can be entirely free of all earthly lusts, giving us power over angels.

The PROBLEM IS that the chosen nation has no word.  We are circumcised, but the word "brit mila" means "oath of the word".  The penis is possibly the least talkative part of the body so why is it there that the operation is performed?  It is a reminder from generation to generation that we did not keep our word to Josef.  Josef made the whole nation promise before G-d that we would bring the bones of Josef out of Egypt, when G-d remembered his promise to us.  Moses only, out of the whole nation, kept his promise, but both he and Joshua grew up in the house of a Pharaoh that didn't forget Josef.  During the second day of Purim in Shushan, Babel, King Achachverosh asked Esther to give the throne to Mordecai, but unfortunately, the bones of Rabbi Nachman were not yet available to be brought to Jerusalem, so Esther asked for another day like the first and in fact it happened also in Nuremberg, Germany, 1945.

It can today be proven that the second son of Rachel is NOT Benyamin (son of the right hand/  with a strong right hand I took you out of Egypt),  but rather, Rabbi Nachman.  Rabbi Nachman took four steps in Israel and went back to die in Uman from where the Jewish people will be able to keep their ancient oath to G-d, to bring the special bones for burial next to King David.  This is the last remaining obstacle to the eternal annihilation of slavery.  Slavery is the ultimate evil.

It is the privilege and the obligation of the White House to carry out this mission because you sir did spend 1.4 Billion Dollars on the White House at the time I claimed 2% of the Biological Early Warning System which I facilitated through Tzipi Livni.  I have many reasons to claim 2% for example I was born on the leap year 7th of Adar the birth and death day of Moses and the same Bar Mitsvah portion as Rabbi Nachman (Vayyikra).  Moses at age 120 claimed 2% of the loot from two entire nations and he had absolutely no use for the money.  He set it up for the task of burying the new Josef in the future.  He understood this issue more then any other since he carried the bones of Josef on himself until the age of 120!

Sir it came out in the media that you have made a 20 Billion Dollar contract to provide new helicopters for Airforce One.  In a time of a widening economic divide between the 1% and the 99%,  the death of freedom is looming in the not distant future but not all hope is lost, an intervention now by Airforce One could save everything at this critical conjuncture.  Aside from Vladimir Putin, on both sides of the border, mankind will celebrate Rabbi Nachman (the wisest and purest son of man of all times, a Russian and a Ukraninan) being buried next to King David, King of all Kings, General of all Generals, Priest of all Priests.

The saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is what will bring the bones to Mt. Zion.  it really means Rest In Peace Nachman from Uman.  It is only once the chosen nation on the chosen land says this that Airforce One will be empowered to perform the mission.  Just before passing away, Rabbi Nachman says: "what do you worry about? I already went before you, just stick together and I will be with you".  Rabbi Nachman made his four steps in Israel and wanted to go back to Ukraine so much, he refused leaving the cave of Eliahu the Prophet (the only man Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai could trust).  He already knew WE needed to carry his bones here to keep our promise and be freed.

Gods servant,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

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