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Friday, May 23, 2014

letter to Euromaidan

Mayor Gennadiy Kernes,

Delighted that you are recovering at the Rambam Hospital.

Since you are a Jewish Ukrainian from the new government, I wish to present you some aspects of our project to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. This is the information which our non-Jewish friends would have difficulty understanding. I have been working for several years with the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry and Rabbanit Bruria Effergan who saved President yuchenshko from poisonning. The Rabbanit will be able to confirm to you that Rabbi Nachman states explicitly that he is the second son of Rachel from the Torah (LM. Tanina 67). This project is non-controversal with regards to Chabad, because we are not claiming that Rabbi Nachman is the Messiah, quite the contrary, the bones of Rabbi Nachman can be compared to the bones of Josef (not Moses) and they must be brought back to Israel. Ask yourself why a debate even exists and what are the challenges we are facing? If we do succeed in bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, the wisest and holiest man on earth, a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Jew, it will give back to King David all his splendor. Kings from all over the world will be visiting Jerusalem on Rosh Hashana. On the other hand the political parties Shass (360) and Gimmel (3) have prevented the Government from executing Halacha 363!

I attempted to visit your honor(with my guitar) at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa Wednesday evening May 21 at 20:00, but was almost arrested by the guards, because my Norwegian son did not have his identity card. I could have proven to them that I am a voting member of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry as there are two pictures of me in the process of voting on page 35 of the Federation yearbook I was carrying with me. In the picture, the gentlemen voting on my right and my left are Mayors of the cities of Rishon le Tzion and former Mayor of Kiriat Malachi. The proper way to approach you is through your office in the Ukraine, which is why I am sending you this letter, I will be glad to answer your questions even in person at the hospital if I am invited.

The remaining part of this letter are notes about the religious aspects around the project... I hope you can understand without the explanation.

At your service,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro (Israeli ID 313874521)


Proof (other then LMb. 67 and the Rabbanit Bruria) that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel:

A) Three verifiable facts identifying Josef are similar to those identifying Rabbi Nachman:
1 he is the money
2 he is the wheat
3 his bones raised by themselves when Moses threatened not to take him out of

B) The events surrounding the birth and naming of JOSEF: 1- "add me another son" 2- it was the 6th year of two sets of 7 this Shabbatical, Jacob was going to keep the next son (not hers, mine) would be free from birth (son of my right hand).
3- Rachel stopped crying when Josef was born. 4- Josef was clearly unlike his brothers since he was the result of Rachel's 20 years of tears only (LM tanina 67)

C) The events surrounding the birth and naming of BENJAMIN: 1- son of my right hand (like exodus from Egypt) 2- ben oni (also average) 3- ben mavert hou li 4- Jacob says he is NOT her son, he is mine and renames him. 5- Rachel starts crying again and she will do so until her tears materialize into something else then rain.

Signs of disloyalty to Josef:

Israel entering Egypt Promise to G-d that THEY will carry Josef out.

Brit Mila means oath of the word. Josef who was pure of the brit (circumbcised and free of charnal passion) was asked by G-d to make us swear/promise before G-d that we would remove his bones from Egypt for burial in Schem. Arguably had we kept our word instead of it being Moses only that carried Josef himself til the age of 120, carrying Josef, we could have entered Israel directly through Gaza.

Each tribe carried out their own leader, why didn't Josef's tribe carry him out?

Had Josef had a tribe, they would have taken him out like all the other tribes did for their leaders. Josef had no tribes because the sons born to Josef after Ephraim and Menashe were not allowed to form the tribe of Josef, so the tribe of Josef by default were the tribes of Ephraim and Menashe "protected" by Jacob from the others I am sorry to say.

RABBI NACHMAN finished everything for the "redemption" except for our own promise/oath which only we ourselves are able to keep (the promise to bury the bones in Israel):

1) Rabbi Nachman comes to Israel and makes four steps then goes in the cave for two weeks insisting on being allowed to go back to the Ukraine.
2) Rabbi Nachman claims "I finished and I will finish"
3) Rabbi Nachman states "My place is ONLY the land of Israel"
4) Rabbi Nachman's last words: "what do you have to worry about since I went before you the only thing you need to do is stick together".

King David is the accepted leader and example to all monarchs and spiritual leaders, Rabbi Nachman has asked to be buried next to King David.

Rosh Hashana is the new year of the Lord of heavens and earth therefore it is logical that all the Kings will want to go to the reestablished throne of glory on Rosh Hashana.

Since Rabbi Nachman was Ukranian, Russian and Jewish giving him fame as the uncontested wisest and holiest man in the world studied by all nations and religions will be an enormous asset for the Ukraine. This means the world will have "one head", unity therefore peace.


The symbolism and numeration showing that Na Nach is the anti-Hitler and it is the Hannukka Menorah and oil:

88 is known as the symbol of Heil Hitler in Hebrew it is called PACH from the letter Peh and the letter Het.
The Nazi symbol, the Swastikka is formed of 4 letter Noun which look like an L.
The Pach or tin is the "can" that contained the Hannukka Oil which miraculously burnt for 8 days instead of one.
The single eight light is called Hannukka "zot Hannakka" is symbolizes the total purification from the defiled oils.

What follows is how the mention of Na Nach completely destroys these symbols.

1) The name Na Nach in Hebrew... Shmo na Nach or 8 L 8 the 50 (noun) breaks the Pach (88)- 50 is the symbol for Kings.ll desy
2) Rabbi Odesser says he is first letters of Na Nach Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman which comes out LLLL or the full destruction of the Swastikka
3) Shemen is the word for oil. Shem N pronounced the same means the name of the King!
4) The Ukranian "kippa" with its ponpon and inscription makes the bearer look like that symbolic eight light.

The Shekel is the crown money of Israel, it is freedom money as opposed to the slave oil dependency on fear and mistrust encouraged by the SS.

I post much of my correspondence with heads of state on Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem here on Facebook
This website shows different official document and activities around the 20 year effort to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. For more current information in English and questions, this is a good address!
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