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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rabbi Nachman is here ("poa") not the pope!

President Obama, THE problem and solution in a nutshell

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I learned to really appreciate your work.  Blame it on "G-d loves America and freedom" if you want, but undeniable you were chosen by him to represent our great nation!  It takes one to know one.

I was born in Dakar, Senegal, Africa (my father Joel, worked for US AID).  Today I live near Jerusalem in the village of Ebay Ha Nachal.  As you already know, Dakar (which you visited with Airforce One) is the port of departure for the slave trade as long as it lasted.  Ebay Ha Nachal (Blossoms_of_the_Spring) oppositely, is the village from which absolute freedom will spread to the world.

The Israeli Shekel is illustrated with the 5 personae that created the book Ebay Ha Nachal, and this; even in spite of the will of the current Israeli administration (praise the Lord,  Mr. Stanley Fischer appointed to the Federal Reserve and Mrs Karnit Flug are following G-d will).  Understand there is no coincidence in these seemingly unrelated events.

The story of the  US Dollar is the key to understanding the story of the Israeli Shekel and how G-d hates slavery in all forms, including the slavery of man to man.  It is also in the United States that G-d has his decisive historic victory over slavery in 1820. the year of the Missouri Compromise.

What is happening now in the Ukraine is the last leg of the struggle out of which we will emerge with the blessing of Sir Winston Churchill, for total victory.

The name YKVK appears 1820 times in the books of Moses.  The value of YKVK is 26 and the value of Elokim is 65, if you add 26+27+...+64+65 you get = 1820.  The numerical value of the names of the sons of Moses is 1820 and so is the numerical value of the surviving sons of Aron. There are 27 ways G-d associates his name to the number 1820!  The year of the Missouri Compromise.

That year humanity apparently lost its long struggle against slavery.  In the USA it was against slavery of the colored, but in Europe Tzar Paul I had been assassinated in front of his son Alexander I both against all odds were attempting to free the slavic peasants and serfs which were in fact white slaves.  The Kremlin remained the champion of slavery, in spite of the Tzars.

The South printed a dollar which represented what they treasured, black slaves and topless women (gold and diamonds, (milk and honey)).  The Northern Greenback illustrated 5 men that fought against slavery (abolitionists).  G-d had his way, the Southern Greyback died and the Northern Greenback is still with us today.

There is a level of freedom beyond that of the Greenback and it is the level of freedom of the Shekel.  The Shekel represents the idea that the human body can be entirely free of all earthly lusts, giving us power over angels.

The PROBLEM IS that the chosen nation has no word.  We are circumcised, but the word "brit mila" means "oath of the word".  The penis is possibly the least talkative part of the body so why is it there that the operation is performed?  It is a reminder from generation to generation that we did not keep our word to Josef.  Josef made the whole nation promise before G-d that we would bring the bones of Josef out of Egypt, when G-d remembered his promise to us.  Moses only, out of the whole nation, kept his promise, but both he and Joshua grew up in the house of a Pharaoh that didn't forget Josef.  During the second day of Purim in Shushan, Babel, King Achachverosh asked Esther to give the throne to Mordecai, but unfortunately, the bones of Rabbi Nachman were not yet available to be brought to Jerusalem, so Esther asked for another day like the first and in fact it happened also in Nuremberg, Germany, 1945.

It can today be proven that the second son of Rachel is NOT Benyamin (son of the right hand/  with a strong right hand I took you out of Egypt),  but rather, Rabbi Nachman.  Rabbi Nachman took four steps in Israel and went back to die in Uman from where the Jewish people will be able to keep their ancient oath to G-d, to bring the special bones for burial next to King David.  This is the last remaining obstacle to the eternal annihilation of slavery.  Slavery is the ultimate evil.

It is the privilege and the obligation of the White House to carry out this mission because you sir did spend 1.4 Billion Dollars on the White House at the time I claimed 2% of the Biological Early Warning System which I facilitated through Tzipi Livni.  I have many reasons to claim 2% for example I was born on the leap year 7th of Adar the birth and death day of Moses and the same Bar Mitsvah portion as Rabbi Nachman (Vayyikra).  Moses at age 120 claimed 2% of the loot from two entire nations and he had absolutely no use for the money.  He set it up for the task of burying the new Josef in the future.  He understood this issue more then any other since he carried the bones of Josef on himself until the age of 120!

Sir it came out in the media that you have made a 20 Billion Dollar contract to provide new helicopters for Airforce One.  In a time of a widening economic divide between the 1% and the 99%,  the death of freedom is looming in the not distant future but not all hope is lost, an intervention now by Airforce One could save everything at this critical conjuncture.  Aside from Vladimir Putin, on both sides of the border, mankind will celebrate Rabbi Nachman (the wisest and purest son of man of all times, a Russian and a Ukraninan) being buried next to King David, King of all Kings, General of all Generals, Priest of all Priests.

The saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is what will bring the bones to Mt. Zion.  it really means Rest In Peace Nachman from Uman.  It is only once the chosen nation on the chosen land says this that Airforce One will be empowered to perform the mission.  Just before passing away, Rabbi Nachman says: "what do you worry about? I already went before you, just stick together and I will be with you".  Rabbi Nachman made his four steps in Israel and wanted to go back to Ukraine so much, he refused leaving the cave of Eliahu the Prophet (the only man Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai could trust).  He already knew WE needed to carry his bones here to keep our promise and be freed.

Gods servant,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Monday, May 26, 2014

Up goes the Crown of Norway?

Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
co The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
42 Jaffo Street

Det kongelig hoff
Det kongelig slott
0010 Oslo

His Royal Majesty King Harald V

Your Royal Majesty has just entered a new era for the Norwegian Crown.  You have the possibility of being the central link between the elections taking place yesterday in the Ukraine, the Norwegian chief officer of NATO, your own Monarchy within the European nations but independent of Brussels and  the religious world peace that is now set to be managed from Jerusalem thanks to the diligence of His Holiness Pope Francis and Honorable Secretary of State, John Kerry.  You can even take note that Rabbi Michael Melchior from theMosaiske Trossamfund at St Hans Hagen where the Nobel Fedspris committee is headquartered, almost became Chief Rabbi of England.  

Of the many organisations you sponsor through your leadership or generous contributions I want to suggest the one that will be of greatest interest to the crown and to mankind at large, I suggest: "The Royal Alliance of King David". King David has become the father of all priests, generals and Kings. The way to empower this alliance is to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion fromUman in the Ukraine.  The source of all wealth in the times of Pharaoh was Josef, even his sepulchre.  The Pharaohs that honored Josef were honored, the one that forgot Josef was destroyed along with his nation.  This is no coincidence.  RabbiNachman is no other then the second son of Rachel (Likutey Moharan B. 67 last line) glory to the ones who bring him to Mt. Zion and keep the covenant from before (G-d)!  

Technically speaking the way to do this is simple:

The Ukrainian economy is in shambles since they decided to circulate large quantities of hryvnia with Bohdan Khmelnytsky (maybe the most cruel man in history) on it, the economy as shrunken by 35%, I had warned them of this.  Your majesty needs to select people like Paul I or Alexander I of Russia, and other truly forward thinking, great leaders that believed in the freedom and holy mission of all mankind.  These are people that need to be printed on a new currency for the new Ukrainian Government, this will guarantee their success.  My suggestion to your gracious Majesty, is that you provide them with the currency as a personal gift from the Norwegian Crown!  Any real effort you do in this direction will be rewarded directly by G-d in the form of increased value of the Norwegian Kroner and the Norwegian economy and level of peace and law.

Copies to:

President of Israel Shimon Peres
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honorable. John Baird
Ambassador of the United States, His Excellency Daniel Shapiro
Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Danny Ayalon
President of the Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit
Chief Rabbi of Norway, Rabbi Michael Melchior

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hebrew Tehillim

Does anyone have a file of tikkun klali in Hebrew with cantillion marks or all of Tehillim with cantillion marks?  Or a link for one.  I am looking for something i can edit.  Thanks.

Good News for Rabbi Nachman

Blessings to His Holiness Pope Francis and his Royal Majesty King Abdullah!

Congratulations to His Excellency President Shimon Peres who received a blessing along with the nation and another along with the land of Israel from the Pope, before His Holiness, Pope Francis landed in Jordan.

May His Royal Majesty King Abdullahs' wishes and actions to ensure liberty and justice for all be successful.

Your honors, do not forget that as you know, these blessings of success, you are wishing for all of us, require the unavoidable step of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion.,7340,L-4523151,00.html

Pope's message to Peres: I look forward to visiting the Holy Land

US economy headed up!

The Man who understands Shekel and Dollar connection to NaNach has been sent to the US to save the economy!

press this!

Friday, May 23, 2014

letter to Euromaidan

Mayor Gennadiy Kernes,

Delighted that you are recovering at the Rambam Hospital.

Since you are a Jewish Ukrainian from the new government, I wish to present you some aspects of our project to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. This is the information which our non-Jewish friends would have difficulty understanding. I have been working for several years with the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry and Rabbanit Bruria Effergan who saved President yuchenshko from poisonning. The Rabbanit will be able to confirm to you that Rabbi Nachman states explicitly that he is the second son of Rachel from the Torah (LM. Tanina 67). This project is non-controversal with regards to Chabad, because we are not claiming that Rabbi Nachman is the Messiah, quite the contrary, the bones of Rabbi Nachman can be compared to the bones of Josef (not Moses) and they must be brought back to Israel. Ask yourself why a debate even exists and what are the challenges we are facing? If we do succeed in bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, the wisest and holiest man on earth, a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Jew, it will give back to King David all his splendor. Kings from all over the world will be visiting Jerusalem on Rosh Hashana. On the other hand the political parties Shass (360) and Gimmel (3) have prevented the Government from executing Halacha 363!

I attempted to visit your honor(with my guitar) at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa Wednesday evening May 21 at 20:00, but was almost arrested by the guards, because my Norwegian son did not have his identity card. I could have proven to them that I am a voting member of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry as there are two pictures of me in the process of voting on page 35 of the Federation yearbook I was carrying with me. In the picture, the gentlemen voting on my right and my left are Mayors of the cities of Rishon le Tzion and former Mayor of Kiriat Malachi. The proper way to approach you is through your office in the Ukraine, which is why I am sending you this letter, I will be glad to answer your questions even in person at the hospital if I am invited.

The remaining part of this letter are notes about the religious aspects around the project... I hope you can understand without the explanation.

At your service,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro (Israeli ID 313874521)


Proof (other then LMb. 67 and the Rabbanit Bruria) that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel:

A) Three verifiable facts identifying Josef are similar to those identifying Rabbi Nachman:
1 he is the money
2 he is the wheat
3 his bones raised by themselves when Moses threatened not to take him out of

B) The events surrounding the birth and naming of JOSEF: 1- "add me another son" 2- it was the 6th year of two sets of 7 this Shabbatical, Jacob was going to keep the next son (not hers, mine) would be free from birth (son of my right hand).
3- Rachel stopped crying when Josef was born. 4- Josef was clearly unlike his brothers since he was the result of Rachel's 20 years of tears only (LM tanina 67)

C) The events surrounding the birth and naming of BENJAMIN: 1- son of my right hand (like exodus from Egypt) 2- ben oni (also average) 3- ben mavert hou li 4- Jacob says he is NOT her son, he is mine and renames him. 5- Rachel starts crying again and she will do so until her tears materialize into something else then rain.

Signs of disloyalty to Josef:

Israel entering Egypt Promise to G-d that THEY will carry Josef out.

Brit Mila means oath of the word. Josef who was pure of the brit (circumbcised and free of charnal passion) was asked by G-d to make us swear/promise before G-d that we would remove his bones from Egypt for burial in Schem. Arguably had we kept our word instead of it being Moses only that carried Josef himself til the age of 120, carrying Josef, we could have entered Israel directly through Gaza.

Each tribe carried out their own leader, why didn't Josef's tribe carry him out?

Had Josef had a tribe, they would have taken him out like all the other tribes did for their leaders. Josef had no tribes because the sons born to Josef after Ephraim and Menashe were not allowed to form the tribe of Josef, so the tribe of Josef by default were the tribes of Ephraim and Menashe "protected" by Jacob from the others I am sorry to say.

RABBI NACHMAN finished everything for the "redemption" except for our own promise/oath which only we ourselves are able to keep (the promise to bury the bones in Israel):

1) Rabbi Nachman comes to Israel and makes four steps then goes in the cave for two weeks insisting on being allowed to go back to the Ukraine.
2) Rabbi Nachman claims "I finished and I will finish"
3) Rabbi Nachman states "My place is ONLY the land of Israel"
4) Rabbi Nachman's last words: "what do you have to worry about since I went before you the only thing you need to do is stick together".

King David is the accepted leader and example to all monarchs and spiritual leaders, Rabbi Nachman has asked to be buried next to King David.

Rosh Hashana is the new year of the Lord of heavens and earth therefore it is logical that all the Kings will want to go to the reestablished throne of glory on Rosh Hashana.

Since Rabbi Nachman was Ukranian, Russian and Jewish giving him fame as the uncontested wisest and holiest man in the world studied by all nations and religions will be an enormous asset for the Ukraine. This means the world will have "one head", unity therefore peace.


The symbolism and numeration showing that Na Nach is the anti-Hitler and it is the Hannukka Menorah and oil:

88 is known as the symbol of Heil Hitler in Hebrew it is called PACH from the letter Peh and the letter Het.
The Nazi symbol, the Swastikka is formed of 4 letter Noun which look like an L.
The Pach or tin is the "can" that contained the Hannukka Oil which miraculously burnt for 8 days instead of one.
The single eight light is called Hannukka "zot Hannakka" is symbolizes the total purification from the defiled oils.

What follows is how the mention of Na Nach completely destroys these symbols.

1) The name Na Nach in Hebrew... Shmo na Nach or 8 L 8 the 50 (noun) breaks the Pach (88)- 50 is the symbol for Kings.ll desy
2) Rabbi Odesser says he is first letters of Na Nach Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman which comes out LLLL or the full destruction of the Swastikka
3) Shemen is the word for oil. Shem N pronounced the same means the name of the King!
4) The Ukranian "kippa" with its ponpon and inscription makes the bearer look like that symbolic eight light.

The Shekel is the crown money of Israel, it is freedom money as opposed to the slave oil dependency on fear and mistrust encouraged by the SS.

I post much of my correspondence with heads of state on Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem here on Facebook
This website shows different official document and activities around the 20 year effort to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. For more current information in English and questions, this is a good address!
Community: 28 like this

Thursday, May 22, 2014

direct light and returning light (LM 184)

When a person discusses devotion with a friend, it creates "direct light" and "returning light." Sometimes the "returning light" comes before the "direct light" as when the recipient has certain mental limits that prevent him from accepting his friend's words. Even before the recipient receives the "direct light" from his friend, the friend already receives "returning light".
Even if the intended recipient cannot accept his friend's words, the friend can be inspired by what he himself is saying. When his words come forth from his mouth and strike the other, the light is reflected back to the speaker just as when something thrown against a wall bounces back to the thrower. In the same way, when you speak to a friend, you can be inspired by the words that bounce off him even though he himself is unable to accept them.
Had you told yourself exactly the same thing, it may be that you would not have been aroused in the least. But by addressing them to your friend, you yourself are inspired even if he is not, because your words are reflected back to you from your friend. - Likutey Moharan I, 184

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shem N (L) (I)

MordecaI Geoffrey Max Spiro
World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
42 Jaffo St. Jerusalem
Kikar Tzion

Minister of Foreign Affairs
2249 Carling Ave Suite 418 Ottawa, 
Ontario K2B 7E9; 
Tel: 613-990-7720; Fax: 613-993-6501; 
Email: ...

Honorable Mr. John Baird,

I was really impressed by the speech your honor made at the AJC and now after having read today and yesterdays messages from the PMO, concerning elections in the Ukraine,  and the visit of the Royals,  I can respond with confidence.  The spokesman from JDC  asked with stageman-ship if you had made the right choices.  Men of faith know how loaded such a question is since we all stand before G-d.  Based on what you said in your speech, I was sure you had again done so as usual.  

Now that the Royals are concluding their visit,  you have the opportunity to make the Royal Highness's aware that the currency of Canada as well as your economies are going to go straight up thanks to Canada leading the world in the effort to bring Rabbi Nachman's bones to Mt. Zion.  The success of this project will give King David much more importance in the eyes of the world then he has today, which in turn will empower the crown of the Commonwealth. 

Real nobility throughout the world will love this. 

Assuring you of my full support,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project Coordinator

Copies to:

Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman
His Excellency the United States Ambassador, Daniel Shapiro
His Excellency the Israeli Ambassador, Danny Ayalon
Mayor of Kharkiv, Mr. Hennady Kernes

Friday, May 16, 2014

HH hot for Lag BuOmer!!!!

G-d Bless Canada-- Na Nach!

Honorable John Baird,

Shares our views!

Press here

Na Nach!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

If you think this looks like wax melting on the car, then the 8th light is true

רבי מאיר בעל הנס, כל הישועות לעם ק

King David will Rise and all the Kings will come to pledge allegiance


Thanks for the article.  You know how Josef came out of the Nile on his own when Moshe called for him.  This is also what happened when Jacob heard Serach Bat Asher, the only person he still believed (he was right, he sort of came alive when he saw! the wagons with donkeys - I don't remember the exact words).  Jacob did open his eyes and smile when the head of Esau joined him in the cave.  Rachel was way above them all, unsatisfied with Joseph (whom she had cried for 20 years she asked for a greater son.  Jacob wasn't going to work a full third set of seven years after all shabbat is shabbat.  Well the morning period from the 17th of Tammuz til the 9th of av is 21 days, the period for an egg to form in a hen.  Benjamin, the son of my right hand (FREEDOM) like the Exodus from Egypt.  But Rachel did not accept Benjamin and she started crying again for 3000 years until Rabbi Nachman made his 4 steps on the land of Israel.  

When the bones of Rabbi Nachman are buried by the Israeli Government on Mt. Zion.  Know that King David will come out, because holy people on that level do exactly what is written on the stones, the Rest in Peace and they can come up into this world again just like Josef.  ow King David is the King of all mortal Kings to whom every human owes allegiance ​to.  I am not any more worried then you are about the Christians on Mt. Zion, what I do worry about is weather King David will be allowed to finish his Royal mission and indeed weather Rabbi Nachman will Na(please) Nach(rest) Nachma(gracefully) Nachman from Uman?

Report: More Christian Prayer at King David's Tomb Site

Israel may not transferr the site to the Vatican, but it might allow more Christian control over the site. Is this a slippery slope?
Shimon Cohen, Tova Dvorin
Israel's envoy to the Vatican denied Wednesday that there is a deal in the works to transfer the ownership of King David's Tomb to the Church.
But Rabbi Yaakov Sevilla, an activist for King David's Tomb who has told Arutz Sheva previously that there is such a deal at play, insisted once against Wednesday that a deal is at play - one which gives the Church more control over the site.
Rabbi Sevilla was asked to open a room at the complex recently, ahead of a conference with Tourism Minister Uzi Landau and other officials over Pope Francis's upcoming visit. The Holy See is already scheduled to hold Mass at the site during the two-day visit, in the Cenacle, or room alleged to be the site of Jesus's Last Supper, one floor above King David's Tomb.
Rabbi Sevilla opened the door and was shocked to allow multiple staffs into the room, including several representatives from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Ministry of Tourism, security forces, and the Jerusalem municipality. Sevilla sat in the corner of the room to listen in on the hearing.
Several security members at the hearing asked him to leave, he alleged, but he managed to stay despite the pressure. The hearing discussed "clearing the air" before the Papal visit, which continues to be a source of media fascination and controversy.
To do this, Rabbi Sevilla said, the State has decided to extend the numbers of days per year that Christians can pray at the Cenacle. Currently, Catholic worshippers are allowed to hold Mass at the site one day per year. However, according to the Rabbi, the State intends to extend this to sixty.
Rabbi Sevilla objected to the measure, saying that the move could change the religious "status quo" of the site. All present at the hearing, however, insisted that the deal had already been established with the Vatican - whether or not he agreed. The agreement will reportedly be finalized after the Pope's visit - and the State has stressed emphatically that it will not renege on the terms of any agreement it has signed thus far with the Holy See.
Rabbi Sevilla noted that the deal confirms that there is not, as far as he knows, an intention to hand over the site to the Vatican - but only to give the Vatican more control over the Christian elements of the site.
However, he stressed, this is a slippery slope; the same logic was used when handing more control over the Temple Mount to the Waqf, and the move resulted in full sovereignty over Judaism's holiest site.
Rabbi Sevilla added that the Christian world has experienced a serious revival over the past several months over the Tomb, and that mass prayer rallies and demonstrations have been planned for the Cenacle to strengthen a Christian presence there.
While he obviously disagrees with this, the Rabbi also warned that this is not intended to cause discord between the Jewish and Christian communities.
"We will act peacefully - and I do not want anyone to do something extreme or terrible that could, possibly, harm Christian tourism," Rabbi Sevilla said. Besides for the loud protests which erupted at the site Monday, Rabbi Sevilla added another example: a conversation he had with a man from the North who insisted that he will start an underground resistance movement over the measure.
"The Jewish people will not forgive anyone who walks down this path," he warned.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Proof that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel

Your Excellency,

This is the text where Rabbi Natan composes Rabbi Nachman's revelation that he is the second son of Rachel.  I could not find any English translations online.  There is a lot more about this subject, worth creating an international study group.  Rachel is potentially the mother of all mankind, that would be a situation of Peace and Prosperity, most importantly of truth.

AGAIN (proofs that Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel):

1) The currency (strong) all the people that made the book of Odesser (1st book of the Presidency)
2) 95% of the grain comes from Ukraine
3) Josef came out by himself - Rabbi Odesser says I am Rabbi Nachman
4) Uman 354 km (gematria Na Nach) Odesser (city) Ber (sea/well) Israel (country/person) first letters: Ebay ha Nachal (novea mekor chochma) direct road towards Israel Uman->Odessa->Tiberia.
5) Likutey Moharan Tanina 67 (specifically last line) says it himself.



Because there are clouds that cover over the eyes, they are "romi rbati and romi zeirati, understandably.  This is like and they came back "heavim" after the rain this is the light of the eyes, that leaves after the tears,
as was said by our rabbi his memory be a blessing, that because of the tears it goes and dissapears the light of the eyes. This is like the dawning of the light in the west, because the sun rises in the east and dawns in the west.  All this is like the tears, because of which the light goes out from the eyes.[Note: Rabbi Nachman believes that sight is a power that leaves the eyes, not the common understanding at all] because "maarav" first letters of Rachel cries for her children....

last line of the lesson.....Because the main birth of the Tzaddik (saint) is like that of Josef he is  from Rachel.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

English Likutay Halachos

New on the English Likutay Halachos Volume 1 and two other books.

Likutey Halachos Part 1English Translation
Publisher: Keren Rebbe Yisroel Odesser$12.50
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[Soft Cover | ? inches | ?

Sichos Haran & Shivchi Haran Medium - Leather Like Cover
Publisher: Keren Rebbe Yisroel Odesser $8.00
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[Hard Cover | 7 x 3 3/4 inches | 17.5 x 12 cm]

Alim LitrufaMid - Black Leather Like Cover
Publisher: Keren Rebbe Yisroel Odesser$8.00
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[Hard Cover | 7 x 3 3/4 inches | 17.5 x 12 cm]

Friday, May 9, 2014

finish line in sight!

Via Shlapak Oleksandr Vitaliovych

Your Honor(s), 

No matter how motivated the population is, to win a war, a country needs a strong economy.  
You are following in the glorious footsteps of the land of President Abraham Lincoln but also the Genius of Tzar Paul I and his son, Tzar Alexander I who lead Ukraine from the Kremlin but mostly from the battlefields.  

War requires a good currency, not gold.  Putin believes in Gold.  Mrs. Kateryna Yushenko  believes in Ukrainian citizens, so do I, that is why understanding the wisdom in this letter will give you a total victory over Putin.  In the time when the South (USA) believed in the slavery of blacks and sexy women to gold and diamonds they printed a grey Dollar with topless women and slaves on it.  This money quickly lost all its value. In the North, President Lincoln selected 5 individuals that rejected slavery and printed them on the "greenback" Dollar.  The North won, not because of the generals (who were inferior), rather because of the economy or to be specific, the currency.    

It would be an unnecessary tragedy for the Ukraine to lose to Putin and destabalise NATO and the world for simple lack of information.  

Please take the evil hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky off the Hryvnia!  With hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky on the bills the economy will NEVER EVER be good, although the IMF might make Ukraine the SDR promoter (which could be a huge mistake)  I suggest Paul I who wanted to liberate the peasants but was assassinated by Kremlin inner circles or Alexander I who was diplomatic and managed to help free the peasants in spite of having to work with the people that assassinated his father.  This great man was later betrayed by his friend Napoleon I.  I would not hesitate to put former president Mr. Viktor Yushchenko on one of the Ukrainian bills, certainly the 5,-!  Have the IMF fund this!

The Rabbi from Uman called Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is of biblical proportions greater then even Josef, he may have been Jewish, but he was also a Ukranian-Russian subject of BOTH Tzar Paul I and Tzar Alexander I.  G-d hates slavery, people that believe in Gold must necessarily have slaves since Gold cannot do the work itself.  The slavery system requires forced labor under duress (guns). Peace and truth can also produce results since people focus on what they excel in and succeed in everything they do together.  Rabbi Nachman reveals that he is the second son Rachel in Likutey Moharan lesson 69 (last line). I can elaborate and prove this if you have a confident in Israel, or you can meet our delegation that will visit the Ukraine after the elections.

The Israeli government has money put aside already for changing the print on a currency (which they have no need to do) and if Rabbi Nachman is brought to Israel, they could send you this money either directly or indirectly.  I believe our delegation is fully capable of making this happen for you.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project Coordinator

Copies to:

President of Israel, His Excellency Mr. Shimon Peres
Foreign Minister of Canada, Honorable Mr. John Baird
Ambassador of the United States, His Excellency, Mr. Daniel B Shapiro
Foreign Minister, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
Minister of Finance, Mr. Yair Lapid.
Bank of Israel Governor, Karmit Flug
Mrs President, Kateryna Yushchenko
President of the Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit

Friday, May 2, 2014

The only way to Peace


In the name of all that the Clinton Foundation stands for and therefore as a true friend, I suggest you avoid the Presidential run and focus your concentration on one single operation.  Bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. 

 This activity, of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, its-self, will turn humanity into ONE TRIBE, the tribe of Rachel!  
Rachel cries for her sons, I say SONS.  Rachel stopped crying after Josef was born but not satisfied with Benjamin (the son of Jacob ONLY(look at the text)) she started crying again til the "second son" would be born.  In Likutey Moharan lesson 66, which is the age of Mrs Clinton, but also the age of the State of Israel, there it is about Rachel being the mother of Rabbi Nachman!  Indeed, Rabbi Nachman makes four steps on the holy land (near the cave of Eliahu, Haifa) and wants to go back to Ukraine!  Very strange also that just before he dies he says "what do you have to worry about, since I went there before you, just stick together and I will be with you". 

This strange behavior becomes clear when you understand the relation between Rabbi Nachman and Josef.  Josef is the source of all monetary wealth in the world and all the grain (look it up in the bible).  The four people that printed the book of Odesser (Heb 10) are on the four Israeli banknotes, hence all the money.  95% of the wheat consumed in Israel comes from the Ukraine where Rabbi Nachman is buried.  Rabbi Odesser claims "he himself" IS Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman which litterally means "please rest peacefully Nachman from Uman". 

Josef made the whole nation formally promise to bring his bones to Israel, although the nation refused to keep their promise, Moses carried the bones his death at  til 120. Joshua chose 10 men to carry Josef into Israel, but it was Serach Bat Acher, who lived to see the man she was prevented from marrying, buried on his home turf which would have been hers had the brothers not sold her destined husband (she was an adopted gentile orphan).  The fact is had we assisted Moses with this mission (of HIS) we could have fought our way right into Israel, avoiding the sea.  We would have also avoided the generation to generation fight against the Amalekites who understood that the sea had only opened for 4 people into 12 seperate channels (not only were we undeserving, we were not united).  

Bringing the BONES of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will be the fulfillment of the original promise that G-d asked Josef to make us take before him.  

I am giving you this information because leaders like yourselves understand that it is no longer a question about "being Jewish" or "being religious", it is a question about keeping a formal (primary) promise made before G-d!  Those that do this will be the chosen leaders of mankind, and the heads of the tribe of Rachel, through Rabbi Nachman, the children SHE is still crying for!

With the utmost respect,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project coordinator

Copied to:

President of Israel, His Excellency Shimon Peres
PMO, of Canada, The Honorable John Baird
The Ambassador of the United States, Daniel Shapiro
Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman