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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rabbeinu's Name as Hinted in the Mishna

Writing today on the date of the Bris of Rabbeinu (8 Nissan), it's about time that I mention the uniqueness of Rabbeinu's birthdate (Rosh Chodesh Nissan) in this particular year.

The focus in this post is on Seder Nezikin "Damages", the fourth Seder of the Mishnayos, particularly on the first three Masectos - Bava Kama, Bava Metziah, and Bava Basra.  At one time, these three Masechtos were really one large Masechta called Nezikin, bearing the same name as Seder Nezikin; however, due to its length, they were divided into three separate Masechtos, being given the names that mean "First Gate", "Middle Gate" and "Last Gate".  In any case, each of these three Masectos consist of 10 Perokim; thus having a total of 30 Perokim.  And noting the wording of Nezikin, it begins and ends with the letter NOON, just as the name of the month of Nissan; and thus it could be said that the 30 Perokim of these tractates that is techincally considered Mesechta Nezikin as the beginning of Seder Nezikin correspond to the 30 days of Nissan.

Indeed, in this year, this came out in a most special light.  You see, there is a Mishna program in which a Perek of Mishna is learned daily, that began 12 years ago (on 27 Shevat, 5762).  Presently this Mishna program is in its 9th cycle, and lo and behold, the  learning of these 30 chapters of the first three Masechtos of Seder Nezikin "coincide" with the month of Nissan!  While the theme of these tractates may not necessarily seem to have a direct connection with the concept of Nissan being the month of Yetzias Mitzrayim, speaking of the present NINETH cycle of this Mishna program, it's fascinating to note that according to the Shita of Rabbeinu Bechaye (there are others who hold that it took place at the end of Chodesh Adar), Makkas Choshech - the NINETH of the Eser Makkos - happened to the Mitzrim on the FIRST SEVEN DAYS OF NISSAN!

As per Rabbbeinu, whose name Nachman, as the names of Nezikin and Nissan, also begins and ends with the letter NOON.  And following the first seven days of Nissan, his Bris took place on the eighth of Nissan. In any case, Rabbeinu is the ultimate spritual light that lights up the spiritual darkness of the Jew, and no matter how badly a Jew is damaged spiritually, there is always hope for him to see the light and hence be guided to walk out of the darkness.  And as we know about Yehoshua Bin Noon, who is called Bin Noon rather than Ben Noon, hinting to the concept of Bina which relates especially to the Lev which describes the essence of Breslov Chasidus as well as being the number Lev (32) as especially related to Rabbeinu, it was Yehoshua who once stopped the sun from setting in the midst of a war as Shabbos was approaching and wanting to finish the war so Shabbos could be celebrated apporpriately.  Accordingly, before the end of the sixth millenium approaching the millenium of Shabbos, Rabbeinu came along to leave the light on for us despite the surroundings of a materialistic world that makes darkness look like light, uncovering the Sheker that fools most, distracting them from their purpose in life. (Note: Rabbeinu and Reb Nosson, the Rebbe-Talmid whose names both begin and end with the letter Noon was compared by Rabbeinu to the Rebbe-Talmid relationship of Moshe Rabbeinu and Yehoshua.)

With this said, the first chaper of Bava Kama, which consists of FOUR Mishnayos - which corresponds to Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the birthdate of Rabbeinu - begins the FOURTH Seder of the Mishnayos, which begins with the words Arba'ah Avos Nezikin "There are FOUR types of damages...", noting that Rabbeinu is most connected with the number FOUR.  And connecting the dots, this particular Hebrew year 5774, consisting of the Hebrew letters Hei-Tov-Shin-Ayin-Daled, it can be read as HaTeisha-Daled, THE NINE - FOUR, combining the concepts that are represented by the numbers nine and four.

The following is what I wrote at quite a few years ago of other amazing connections between the first three Masechtos of Seder Nezikin and Rabbeinu.  Please enjoy the rest of this post.

There are three Masechtos in the Mishna that deal with the laws of damages - Nezikin which are Bava Kama, Bava Metzia and Bava Basra - the first three Masectos in Seder Nezikin (they were actually all one Masechta at one time, named "Nezikin", but being they were so big, they were divided into three-now called "First Gate" "Middle Gate" and "Last Gate"). Each of these three Masectos have 10 chapters, thus a total of 30 chapters. Now, add this to the Gematria of the names of the three Masechtos - Bava Kama, Bava Metzia, Bava Basra; and presto -1000 (10*10*10), which is also the same Gematria as Breslov+Uman+Yerushalayim+Ebay (Hanachal) (294+97+586+13)!

Now, what is the beginning of Seder Nezikin - Arba'a Avos Nezikin - the four major categories of damages - Nezikin as performed by animals which are Shor-refering to trampling, Bor-pit, Mav'eh-eating, and Hev'er-fire. Now, the 4th one is not an animal, but it can also spell the name of an animal, spelling the letters as Hei-Beis-Ayin-Reish to read as "the bear", the last three letters spelling the word Ber, the last Yiddishe Numen of Saba (which means bear in English)!  Now, Rabbi Ovadia M'Bartenura on this brings the Posuk of "Ki Teizei Aish" - "When fire breaks out". Interesting - Ki is the Gematria of 30 like the 30 chapters of the above Masechtos, Teitzai is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman (491) and Aish is the Gematria of Moharan (301)!

Now, hold on to your seat - tight! We mentioned that the four types of Nezikin- this word which begins and ends with a "Noon" like Rabbeinu's and Rabbi Nosson's names - are in the beginning of Seder Nezikin - the word Teitzei, Seder Nezikin is also the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman (491)! And for those who learn Gemara - Talmud Bavli - there are exactly 411 Dafim on the three Masechtos. corresponding to which there are exactly 411 Toros of Rabbeinu in Likutei Moharan! (286 in the 1st part, and 125 in the 2nd part) Additionally, if you count in these Masechtos - the 266 Mishnayos, the 30 Perokim, and the 115 Dafim of Talmud Yerushalmi - these three numbers also add up to 411! Now, add 411 to 411, equalling 822, the same Gematria as the Posuk we just mentioned "Ki Tzeitzai Aish"! This is the Posuk on the 4th type of damage- in Tikkun terms, it's the Likutei Moharan that has come out to the open to rectify the Nezikin. (If you replace the 30 Perakim of Mishnayos with the 33 Perokim of Tosefta in the three Masechtos - you have a total of 825 instead of 822, which is the same Gematria of Ki Teitzei Aish with its three words. But most importantly, it's the same Gematria as Saba's full Hebrew name (Yiddishe Numen) Yisroel Dov Ber - when Dov is spelled with a Vov).  How fitting - it's the beginning words of the 4th Seder of the Mishna - the name of which - Seder Nezikin (these two words)- is the same Gematria as the Shir Chadash (Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman which is 491), that immediately begins the first word with FOUR! The Shir Chadash is the 4-dimension of Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba, the ultimate Tikkun of these four damaging aspects of mankind - pride, emptiness, desires, and anger. With this said, the 2nd of the list of damages listed in the above Mishna - Bor (pit) is also the Gematria of 208, and there are exactly 208 letters in the Petek! (When U'man is spelled with a Vov, as in the above Gematria of 491).

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