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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Sipory Masios Project

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The villager said...


At least one of these ways is through the economy or "naeringslivet" (Norwegian: life of substenance). Rabbi Nachman says that money comes from a very high place (the highest?). In fact not only all the people on the Shekel Banknotes are the co-authors of the book Ebay Ha Nachal, but also the bitcoin that was born from eBay and IBOtools is a product of Ebay Ha Nachal (Rabbi Na Nach's book). IBO stands for Israel Ber Odesser. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) founded by Nazis, and still running today out of Basel..about 6 national bank directors decide about all the world currencies in what is a private transnational ecoonomy. If this reminds you of the Purim situation, it's because we are still there. Luckily, we have the "bis Moshiah Vedkommen" of the petek to remind us of who is really running the show. There is a movie to introduce you to this Blossoms_of_the_spring


The national Memouna at the end of Pessach is THE holiday celebrating peace and hospitality. Without getting into all the mystical details, it is a day when all the doors are open to lavishly welcomed guests, no matter who they are. We were all slaves of Pharoh and now we are free because G-d delivered us. That is the message bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will give, therefore it is appropriate to launch this campaign on that day. The critical dates are Holocaust day April 28, IDF Memorial day May 5, Lag B Omer May 18, Jerusalem day May 28, June 5th (the day after SHavuot). These dates represent the first part of the project which is getting a contract to have Rabbi Nachman on a plane before the end of August so that a tour of all the major cities in Israel can take place, and Rabbi Nachman can be buried on Mt. Zion before Rosh Hashana.

That's the timeing.

How this will get done:

1) The Israeli Postal system will sell Rosh Hashana special public transportation cards with a surcharge of 200 Nis for the month of september...this needs to be done in advance because there will be too many people in Jerusalem for cards to be bought regularily.
2) Each city will have similar problems on the day when Rabbi Nachman will be in town and the Federation will be occupied organizing events locally. We
have no garantees that we will succeed in bringing Rabbi Nachman but people need to prove their support in advance for this to happen.
3) The Israeli Foreign Ministry can make a competition between embassies to sell as many "jerusalem passes" as possible during the five national holidays in April-May.