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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Michael Avraham HaLevy

It once happened that there was a king that had an only son. The king decided to hand over the kingdom to his son, during his lifetime. The king held a huge feast, in order to celebrate the transfer of the monarchy. For sure, anytime that a king holds a feast, it is a time of great rejoicing, and especially on such an occasion, to celebrate such an important event. All the ministers of the kingdom and all the nobility of the land were invited, and there was tremendous joy at the feast. Also the people of the land were very excited that the king was handing over the monarchy, for this was also a very great honor for the king himself. There were all kinds of entertainment at the ball, orchestras and comedians, and so on, and an atmosphere of complete happiness.
In the midst of the celebration, the king stood up and spoke to his son, "Since I am an astrologer, I can see from the stars that in the future you are going to lose the monarchy, and when that happens, I want you to be very careful not to fall into depression. Rather, you must force yourself to remain happy. And if you do succeed in remaining happy, then I will also be happy. In fact, even if you become depressed, I will still be happy. I will be happy that you are no longer king. For if you can not remain happy despite losing the kingship, that will be a sign that you were not worthy of being king. But if you do manage to remain happy, then I will be very happy indeed." -Intro to The Story of the Seven Beggars, by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

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