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Thursday, April 24, 2014

G-d is answering our prayers

His Excellency,
Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon,

It is always a pleasure to read your work.  You highly deserve something in  return from an amateur like myself.   It appear on the newspapers today that Ukraine, US coordinated two state solution, the rise of religious fervor and the march of the dictators are concerning everyone.  The one hidden issue that connects these four and is maybe their cause and source, is the BONES of Rabbi Nachman.  You don't know me, and have maybe vaguely heard that some "fanatics" on the religious fringes are interested in this issue, but really, this is a very serious solution (yes, the only one) so I plead with you at least to finish reading this letter.  To the best of my knowledge, I will make this brief.

The epic fight against Evil is no new thing.  At times in our very long history, we had a near victory usually following a near disaster.  By this logic, the total victory that Sir Winston Churchill wanted to bless us with would have required a total disaster first.  I am not suggesting another cycle, I believe if the beast is understood it can be tamed, as mankind has proven it is capable of doing with regards to physical objects and beings.

The Old Testament and the Psalms of King David each address a similar issue.  The books of Moses are about the relationship between man and G-d, and the desperate search to be the "chosen son".  The Psalms are about repentance for taking lightly the value of the Nation of Israel (represented by Bat Sheva).  Both these books are at the foundation of all faiths and cultures built on faith.  The counter-culture would be adhesion to the religion of Pharaoh or the Amalekite totalKhaos. 

The three most perfect incarnations of Man as the ideal son of the creator are "ADAM", "JOSEF" and "RABBI NACHMAN".  Both Josef and Rabbi Nachman are sons of Rachel (Likutey Moharan 66).  The name Josef means "add another (son)" Benyamin was named by Jacob and denied Rachel who called him "son of my sorrow" and "a son of death he is to me", even the sons of Josef were denied him.  This means that the descendants of Rachel if they will ever appear are on an entirely new level.  Rabbi Nachman IS that second son and he is the FATHER of all these children of Rachel.

Moses carried the bones of Josef til his death, without which the Nation of Israel could never have left Egypt.  Each tribe was concerned only with taking out the heads of their own tribe.  Had we all taken Josef out, we could have marched right into Israel with out the ordeal of the sea or the Amalekites.  

Rabbi Nachman came to Israel to take four steps and go to Uman.  The Bal ShemTov wasn't on the level to do this.  Before dying, Rabbi Nachman said: "what do you have to worry about I already went before your, just stick together and I will join you".  Obviously, if we don't unite, we need to be concerned because Rabbi Nachman will not join us and we will be like a body without a head.  The world at large is the "body" of the nation of Israel (bait Israel) so the whole world can not have a head before Israel has a head.  

It really doesn't represent a big deal to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel.  Even the power of the economy, the Dollar, the Shekel, the UAH, the Bitcoin, the IBO, and the Bank of International Settlements are entirely connected to what I am writing to you about and I will be happy to prove this to you and show you that our powers are in fact unlimited except by Evil forces consciously and intelligently fighting for the enslavement of Man.

If you have questions regarding the reception of Rabbi Nachman in Israel, please contact Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit, President of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project coordinator

Copies to:

President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres
Foreign Minister, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honorable Mr. John Bairdd
Ambassador of the United States, Mr. Daniel B. Shapira
Former Mrs. President of Ukraine, Mrs. Kateryna Yushchhenko
Minister of Finance, Mr. Yair Lapid
Minister of Trade, Mr. Naftali Benett
President of the Knesset, Mr. Yuri Edelstein

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