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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Contact Ukrainians to bring Rabbi Nachman, do a good job please.

From Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
at the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry,
Project to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel.
42 Jaffo Street

Open letter directed to the following representatives of the Jewish Community of the Ukraine:

Josef Zisels Chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine (VAAD) Ukraine, Executive Vice President of the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine

Alexander Suslensky D.Sc., Vice President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, businessman

Andrei Adamovsky First Vice President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, member of the “Hillel” Jewish Student organization Observation Council (citizen of Russia)

Rabbi Alex Dukhovny Head Rabbi of the Ukrainian Progressive Judaism communities

Rabbi Reuven Stamov Head Rabbi of the Ukrainian Traditional Judaism communities

Alexander Paskhaver Member of the VAAD Ukraine Coordation Council, economist

Leonid Finberg Director of the NaUKMA Center for the Studies of History and Culture of Eastern European Jewry, VAAD Ukraine Vice Chairman

Anatoliy Podolsky Director of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, Vice Chairman of VAAD Ukraine

Igor Kuperberg Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine, Vice Chairman of VAAD Ukraine

Semen Belman Vice President of the Jewish Council of Ukraine, President of the Chernigiv Jewish Community

Alexander Gaidar Leader of the Union of Ukrainian Progressive Judaism Religious Communities

Vyacheslav Likhachev CNCU Chief expert in monitoring and analysing xenophobia and anti-Semitism, member of the VAAD Ukraine Coordination Council(citizen of Russia and Israel)

Michael Gold Editor-in-chief of the VAAD Ukraine newspaper “Hadashot”

Galina Haraz Engineer (citizen of Ukraine and Israel)

Igor Turov PhD in history, Director of the Jewish Studies Certificate Program of VAAD Ukraine, VAAD Ukraine Presidium member

Diana Gold VAAD Ukraine Presidium member

Alexander Roitburg Artist

Evgen Greben Director of the “Maccabi” Jewish Cultural and Sports Society (Kyiv)

Grigoriy Pickman “B'nei B'rith Leopolis” President

Igor Kerez VAAD Ukraine Trustee Board member, businessman

Artem Fedorchuk, Director of the Intarnationsl Centar on Jewish Education and Field Studies

The greatest sage the planet has ever had, or will ever have is called Rabbi Nachman. He was a subject of Tzar Paulus I and Tzar Alexander I, who  were both ahead of their time, and whose work contributed to the development of the western alliance.  They lived through very difficult times and the meeting between Rabbi Nachman and Napoleon I or Alexander I never took place.  The solution can not come from  the wisdom of man alone, this is why these meetings never took place.  None the less glorifying this sage will do tremendous good, diplomatically and culturally speaking for Russia AND the Ukraine.  This can bring peace very fast between NATO and the Russian Federation, for the benefit of all citizens of the Ukraine.

This sage is 300 times greater in holiness then Josef since he is the son Rachel has been crying for for 3000 years (she stopped after Josef was born, but not satisfied by Benjamin, she started crying again).  The tribes of Israel made a promise to Josef upon entering Egypt, that they would take his body out with them.  They refused to do this even to Moses, but taking out their own tribal for-fathers was of capital importance, as demonstrated by Narschon who had to make sure Benjamin would be brought out because of the promise Yehuda made to Jacob, never to leave Egypt without Benjamin.  Obedience to the tribe was ok, but not to the "head of the house".  Rabbi Nachman A RUSSIAN / UKRAINIAN JEW is the head of the whole world, and no animal has two heads or no head, the head is the only irreplaceable part of the body.

Rabbi Nachman did something very strange, he came to Haifa, made for steps and wanted to go back to Odessa.  Before he died he said, "what do you have to worry about, I already went before you, stick together and I will be with you".  He is saying that we can keep our oath to Josef by bringing his "bones" to Jerusalem, Mt. Zion.  Moses says he is of uncircumbcised lips,  (he carried Josefs bones til the age of 120) and Serach Bat Asher lived until she saw the bones of her zivoug buried in Schechem.  Circumbcise in Hebrew is brit (oath/covenant) of course it is the verbal promise which must be kept from generation to generation! 

The people on the Israeli banknotes made the commentary on Likutey Moharan with the letters of rav Odesser (10 in Hebrew) not only all the money comes from Rabbi Nachman but almost all the wheat eaten in Israel --- just like Josef!

Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion will create an enormous opportunity for tourism and an interest in Ukrainian history and culture.  I strongly suggest replacing the Cossack on the 5 Hua with Rav Odesser since he stated that he IS Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.  Your economy will go right up!

Important members of our Federation will be visiting the Ukraine shortly and I would like to urge them to visit you as well, to see how this project can be implemented before Rosh Hashana.

May G-d protect you and grant you success!

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Project leader, WFMJ

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