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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zayin Adar Rain Prayers

This morning it was already raining a little, since even the planning of the NaNach Rain Prayer had its effect and served as an 'awakening from below'. Rebbe Nasson teaches that a person should not loosen up when he sees the beginning of a salvation and think that his prayers were fully answered. That is the klipa of Yishmoel who feels his prayers are always answered. Rather he should continue pushing forward with prayer. Therefore, the Nanach Rain Prayer was carried out. 

In the Tzion of our holy master Rebbe Nachman who is an aspect of Moshe Rabbanue (Hillula today) a few of the Chavarim carried out rain prayers. By the Tzion of Choni Hameagel, almost the entire Nanach Cheder showed up and the Tinokos Shel Bais Rabban - Hevel Shain Bahem Chet beseeched for rain.

As I am writing the post, it is pouring rain in Tzfat

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