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Monday, March 24, 2014

Why we all hate Josef...

Folks it's just not the nature of a Jewish person to sell any body into slavery to buy a pair of shoes.  It would be more humane to kill him, skin him and make the shoes with his leather (a formula tried on us).  So how is it possible that the sea only split for Moses, Josef, Nachshon and Yehuda???

G-d didn't create the world in order to glorify the Jewish nation, he created the Jewish Nation in order to glorify him...are we failing????

Not see the Nations each one, wants to be the supreme leader, the head of the house.  The same way G-d made the moon smaller and admitted to his own mistake (you cannot have two heads she said- the moon didn't realize that G-d was the head so he told her she was right and made her smaller) in order to "create" the opportunity for us to attach ourselves to him (since he is also "fallible" (unless you understand what really happened)).  This way he gives us the choice to chose him, or reject him.

SO:  if we all respected Josef etc... the nations would not be able to find any fault in us and there would be no freedom of choice for them at all, the way they have now.  This "fault" of ours is not real, yet it also needs a reparation which is only bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  SOme by doing the actual work, others by sticking together with this objective in mind.  A HOUSE WITHOUT A HEAD CANNOT STAND.  Joshua who like Moses carried Josef, could find no replacement...this caused problems.

Bringing Rabbi Nachman will end this period of incessant WARS.  Time to wipe out Amalek once and for all!   A period of universal Peace will be followed by all out spiritual war between the followers of the Taavote and the followers of Rabbi Nachman.

For the moment we can tell the nations, "we are just like you, the way you hate us we hate Josef!", lets repent together.

Hope this helps.

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The villager said...

It takes a drug addict to help another...our mission is to help the Goyim, so the head needs to know what it is to be part of the body. That's why we have this strange "un-Jewish" relationship to Josef.

Make no mistake, as I said earlier ONLY THE HEAD IS INDISPENSABLE!