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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The original Christians could have been Jews that made the right choice. 

If I were ordered either to leave the the settlement and remain a Jew in "Alaska" or remain in the settlement and become a supporter of the Jihad,  I would remain in the settlement and say Na Nach and dance in a discotech to prove I have converted, but I wouldn't go on a Jihaad and would try to bring the Conquerors over to better ways, this is possible when you have super powers.

This is exactly the question that was asked at the time of the temple: become Roman and stay or go to Spain.  Jesus bowed in front of a stone and looked at women and claimed he believed in G-d anyways.  He himself became an idol with the twist that it was claimed he had no father only G-d and this way, people could pray to him as a traditional Roman semi-god and maintain their tradition while being pretend idol worshipers.

This practical choice presented here is the original issue that Palestinians that believed in the HOLY LAND made to remain on the land.  Those that BOTH left the land AND became Idol Worshipers lost everything. 

The knowledge can bring Palestinians, other Muslims, Christians and the Jews of today to accept and support a Jewish State, is the belief in Na Nach, because the real challenge of all of mankind is the eradicate the Amalekites from their midst.  I will attempt to convey how this is possible.

The key issue that both precedes the Temple and the Mishkan is the promise to Josef to bring him out of Egypt for burial in Israel.  Both the belief in the holiness of Moses (founded the Mi-yesh-kan (Moshe) to spread Torah) and of David (founded temple to spread Psalms) are steps in re-establishing the holiness of Josef (the most hated man on earth! Even Pharaoh forgot him and that is THE Pharaoh that was punished along with his whole nation).  More hidden and hated then Josef is his brother.  I don't mean Benyamin who is to him only like the other brothers, brothers through his father.  Rabbi Nachman is another kind of brother, he is the very special son Rachel has continuously cried for, one that would be greater then Josef (and possibly more hated by Rabbis and even his own followers!!)  In spite of all this his fame keeps on spreading. Greater then worship in the Mishkan and the Temple which WERE only steps in the right direction is simply bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  That is the "Contract" of PekadPekadeti, the "Brit Mila" that was made with Josef and NOT KEPT by anyone else then Josef himself.

This is NEW information to you, but to underline this point: De-facto, the sea opened for 4 people only and no Israeli lives were lost (all Egyptians died exceptPharaoe), this could be purely by the mercy of G-d, but it could also be a temporary arrangement only since in fact we didn't deserve to leave Egypt and the three days of the fast of Esther were necessary to save us from the wrath of G-d, who had "given up".  Purim, now provides a starting point in place of Passover.  The key is the second day, the "Jerusalem" day which is celebrated like the first day although it could have been permanent had Esther told Achachverosh to crown Mordecai for good, Haman did this by the way, at a critical point, BUT ONLY FOR ONE DAY, that's why we need to bless Haman!

I have been with the World Federation For Moroccan Jewry for 3 years now.  The President, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit, had Prime Minister Israk Rabbin sign the agreement with the King of Morocco to bring the victims of the Egoz for burial on Mt. Hertzel, as the first paper the Prime Minister signed at his desk.  Prime Minister Rabin would have succeeded with the Oslo agreements had he not been murdered, because seven weeks before he had been in the Ukraine to make the arrangements to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel.  I have heard testimony that Rabbi Nachman's "own" followers prevented this mitsvah (halcha 363), in the most violent way possible. Rabbi Nachman before he died said: "what do you worry about since I go before you, just stick together and I will be with you".  I don't call the assassination of a Prime Minister like Gedalia (fast of Gedalia after RoshHashana) sticking together.  Maybe calling it the fast of Rabbi-N. would be more appropriate! 

Moses realized after the crossing of the sea of reeds that the Amalekites had the important function of weeding out the members of the chosen nation that didn't really merit the kindness G-d had provided them.  Joshua had to chose men to fight Amalek while Moses would raise AND LOWER his hands in an attempt to weed out the Amalekites as they weeded out the undeserving.  The Amalekiteschose men that couldn't die that day, Joshua chose the ten men that would later carry the bones of Josef!  These were the ten men that were the purest in keeping the covenant, which is BRINGING THE HOLY BONES TO ISRAEL!  Moses didn't take any chances, not even with Joshua and carried the bones of Josef on his person until the age of 120.  Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser not only revealed and studied the "petek" with the 4 Israeli politicians that are being taken off the Israeli Shekel today, but carried it on his person til his last days.  Carrying this paper is similar to what Moses did with the bones of Josef because the hand writing is like the man itself (Short story of the "hand' by Rabbi Nachman).  Now that the actual tomb of Rabbi Nachman is available and we can carry his holy body to Israel,... who are the ten men that will be selected for this task and how can we involve as much of humanity as possible in this amazing mitsvah???  This is the best way to make Amalek obsolete which will bring the fear and love of G-d to the whole planet.  Amalek realized that the slaves coming through the sea was an act of mercy and he saw that they were not all deserving, in fact those that died were precisely the ones that had not kept their oath, that day! 

If you look back, you will see that I predicted an economic crash in the Ukraine as a result of the new paper banknote they are printing of 5H. with the most perverted and cruel advocate of genocide, organizer of the Cossack movement (pro Putin).

Please send me your feedback and let's see what we can do.

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Another completely retarted post by the cristian "the villager". What we can learb here is not to do crack and be a crack head like this.