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Sunday, March 30, 2014

We should have walked on the water, ever realize that?

We could have crossed the sea walking on water, but we didn't have that level yet...

If water is the source of holiness, and G-d raises the earth upon the waters, why did we have to cross the sea in the dust?  Why do we need to fight so much dust for Passover; G-d passed over, but we definitively passed "under"? (I think some say there was "frozen" water below and it became mud for the Egyptians).

The source of all living waters, the reason why fish are considered Tzaddikkim even Nouns (Kings) and the sixth Torah is revealed between two inverted nouns (like Na Nach sign with the 8 (calling you forward to ha menorah ve nerotea)) is almost the reason why Rabbi Nachman revealed the story of the two birds regarding the beggar with the twisted neck (he could speak no evil).  If a women had a daughter she is considered impure for longer then a boy?  Not so, the husband had an impure thought so the woman was not as successful and she pays for the broken pots.  I guess she is responsible for her husband with regards to this?

The fact is Josef didn't say anything bad about his brothers (as I said before), but the brothers and ALL their descendants did say bad things about Josef.  SO the two birds one for the good and one for the bad are connected to the water.  That which is the first and most important ingredient in purification from the sin of evil speech.  Rabbi Nachman was very positive about sailors, not so much about camel drivers, in spite of the fact that he is positive towards Ishmaelite could this be because the "dust" is conductive to snake-like speech?  If you ever worked on a ship, you will notice that the discussions around the table are the main social event at sea.

Yehoshua Ben Noun (son of a fish) like Moses were born in the waters of the Nile, and grew up in  the house of Pharaoh, (not your typical Jewish father) but they had only good to say about Josef!  Amalek attacked us when he saw that the waters that has been able to absorb the filth Pharaoh was hiding, could not carry Am Israel over it so it had to move aside, given no other choice because of the merit of Josef, and Moses and the MERCY of G-d who used the oath of Yehuda to counter the devil (Baal Tzafon?).

Indeed we got out by a thin thread, and the situation today has even MORE suspense.  Since I have no intention of making anyone pass-out, let this be a warning and a plea to say as many times Na Nach as possible, to print and deliver as many Peteks as possible, to get people dancing and singing as much as possible, and of course do not be dismayed by the "bizare"(weird) opposition you will be facing from slaves of the other side, may G-d have mercy on  us and make us as the earth which everyone can tread upon.

As I look at what once was a desert around Ebay Ha Nachal, I am encouraged to believe that the deserts will turn green, the melting Ice Caps will not flood the nations, and once peace is established over Pharaoe by the the House of Israel including the Gentile Nations, we can deliver mankind from slavery to the body and Amalek will no longer be able to lead the opposition to the Tzaddik.   This will require LASHON HA KODESH which is ONLY : NA NACH!!

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