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Friday, March 14, 2014

The War of Amalek

This shabbos we read Parshas Zachor, the portion of the Torah that reminds us of our obligation to wipe out Amalek in every generation.  In addition, Haman was an Amalekite, and a major point of Purim is to wipe out Amalek.      Here is a piece from Likutei Halachot of Reb Noson (Hilchos Shabbos) that discusses the War of Amalek in every generation, including our own:

The main power needed to fight Amalek and to erase
his name and memory from the world, is through
Shabbat, which is the name of the Holy One, Blessed
be He. For the main war of Amalek in every
generation is against the name of Hashem,
which is the name of the True Tzaddik, for the name
of Hashem is joined with that of the True Tzaddik.
This Tzaddik is the glory and beauty and splendor of
the whole world. He is the true grace of the world. He
is the aspect of the simple foundation, the river that
flows out of Eden, from which are drawn all four
elements which are the basis of all the worlds. For all
of them are drawn from (this river), and all their lifeforce
is drawn from it So everyone who is included in
the true name of this Tzaddik, looks upon himself
through all four elements - which include all the
dimensions – and merits to return in repentance to
And if this True Tzaddik were to be revealed, and all
the world drew close to him in truth, the world would
already be totally repaired. For this Tzaddik has the
power to fix the whole world, if not for the attempts of
the Other Side to hide him. For in every generation
there is the aspect of the war of Amalek. The core of
his struggle, may his name be erased, is specifically
against the True Tzaddik, who is the "Head of the
For Amalek is the aspect of the Head of the Other
Side, as in "The first of the nations is Amalek."
Therefore, his entire war is only against the true Head
of the House, from whom all the generations are
drawn. In the aspect of "Call the generations from the
For Amalek has no interest in waging war with any
other leader - large or small - aside from the Head
himself. However, against the Head of the House, he
has no power to wage war. For that True Tzaddik - the
Head of the House - has already merited to defeat and
break him completely, since he has no selfish
motivations at all. For he has already broken all his
desires and negative traits with such an absolute
completeness, that beyond it there is no more final
He has annulled completely from himself the
"impurity of the Snake", which is the impurity of
Amalek, the Other Side, until there remains with him
not a trace of evil at all. Furthermore, he continues,
after this, to dedicate his entire being every day for
Hashem, and accepts upon himself suffering intense
and more bitter than death to sanctify the name of
Hashem, and for His people Israel. Therefore,
certainly Amalek has no chance to wage war against
this Tzaddik himself Consequently, his entire war
hinges upon how he confuses the world at every
moment, and creates a great attack at all times against
this True Tzaddik, who is the Head of the House, in
order to distance Israel from him, so that they will not
return to Hashem through this True Tzaddik, who has
the power to return the whole world to a state of
And this is the evil husk, who is Haman-Amalek,
whose every plan and whose entire war is to hide and
cover up the name of this True Tzaddik, who is the
true Head of the House. For Amalek is quite pleased
that the people of Israel will come close to all the
leaders of the world: for example, to the philosophers
and the heretics. For also in these groups, there are
leaders who teach them the crooked ideas that uproot
them from this world and the next. And that people
should draw close to these leaders, is certainly a great
joy to Amalek.
However, even those leaders who have a share in
holiness, who are Torah individuals and even
tzaddikim, only that they are still held to some degree
by the forces of Evil... Amalek is very satisfied that
these leaders will be powerful and famous, have a
great name in the world, and have a great following.
All his evil intention is only to hide through this the
true Head of the House, who is the Head of all the
Heads in the world...
All the four elements are called "heads". As it is
written: "And it (the river flowing from Eden) became
four heads." And these further divided into many
smaller heads throughout the world. And even within
holiness there are many heads.
For each one according to his share, in that he
succeeded in purifying some part from the four
elements through perfecting his traits and overcoming
his desires, so he merits some part in leadership drawn
from purifying the four elements. However, none of
these leaders have succeeded in purifying the four
elements completely, to the zenith of purity. For they
are still gripped to some degree by certain desires and
negative traits that they have not overcome And as I
heard directly from Rabbeinu, that there are a number
of tzaddikim who have on the whole broken their
desires, yet there still remains with them some trace of
them. And these tzaddikim do not have the power to
bring the children of Israel back in repentance.
This power resides only with the True Tzaddik, the
True Head of the House, who has merited to annul the
evil in him completely. For since there is no evil in
him at all, he has the power to fix all the souls that
draw close to him, to return them to Hashem, may His
name be praised.
Therefore, the Evil One girds himself especially, and
extends himself from one end of the world to the
other, to hide the name, greatness and glory of this
True Tzaddik, and creates around him a fierce
controversy. And he strives in his schemes to raise up
leaders in the world, whose names are drawn from the
Impure Side, and to glorify their names to a great
And sometimes, when he sees that it is impossible to
overturn the truth completely, and to cause a complete
sinner to become a famed Torah leader - for certainly
the Jews would not follow such a man – consequently
he clothes himself within a basically upright person, or
a tzaddik who is not complete, and plants in his heart
the will to attack the aforementioned True Tzaddik,
the True Head of the House. And the Evil One
aggrandizes the name of this attacker; he glorifies him
and makes him exceedingly wellknown.
For Amalek is pleased that all the world will come
close to these leaders - even though they are only
tzaddikim to a small degree - in order to distance them
from the Great Tzaddik, the True Head of the House,
upon whom depends the rectification of all the souls
of Israel, and of the entire world. And this is hinted at
in the passage:
"and he (Amalek) cut off all the weak ones behind
you". "Cut off", or "veizanav" in Hebrew, is derived
from the root word "zanav", tail. The sages
commented on this: "Amalek cut off the tails and
threw them skyward." For the people, in relation to the
True Tzaddik, are the aspect of tails - for they are
secondary to him, for he is the head. However, it is
certainly better to be a tail in relation to him, rather
than a head somewhere else. As the sages said, "Be a
tail of a lion, and don't be a head to foxes."
And as they said, "One who is attached to a pure
source, is also pure". However, Amalek, in his twisted
schemes, cuts off the tails and throws them skyward,
turning them into heads. That is, he takes those who
are small in stature - who are like a tail in relation to
the Head of the House, and ought to be subdued to
He takes these "tails", cuts them off - that is to say,
distances them from the true Head. And throws them
skyward - that is to say, he makes them leaders and
raises them very high, and magnifies their name
exceedingly. He plants in their hearts to attack the
True Tzaddik. All in order to hide the name of the
True Tzaddik, the true Head of the House. Thus, it is
said in the Torah:
"The war of Hashem against Amalek is in every
generation." For in every generation, Amalek
maintains his attack, since in every generation, the
Redemption is ready to come through this Head of the
House, who is the aspect of Moshe-Mashiach - the
highest tzaddik of each generation. The primary
obstacle is through this tremendous controversy,
which itself is the War of Amalek, whose entire war is
to hide and obscure the name of this Tzaddik.

In Moshe's war with Amalek, he specifically sent
Yehoshua to fight him, and did not enter the war
himself. For since the entire war of Amalek is against
Moshe, the true Head of the House, Moshe himself
cannot contend with him. For "He who is in prison
cannot free himself." The Tzaddik cannot glorify and
publicize his own name, for it would not
appear appropriate. Therefore, Moshe commanded
Yehoshua to go and wage the war.
For the aspect of Yehoshua - the student - all his
efforts and schemes are to publicize and glorify the
holy and awesome name of the Tzaddik in this world.
As Rabbeinu wrote, "Specifically through the students
of the Tzaddik, one can know his greatness." And
certainly, all Yehoshua's power to fight Amalek, is
only from the Tzaddik himself, who is the aspect of
Moshe. For surely, Yehoshua, the aspect of "student",
does not have the power to wage a war so tremendous
and awesome as this. So it is written:
"And it was, when Moshe would raise his arms, Israel
would triumph, etc." For certainly, the primary force
of the battle came from Moshe himself. However,
even so, the war itself – to overcome Amalek, to
glorify and publicize the name of the Tzaddik - must
be carried out by Yehoshua, the student. As it is
written in the Zohar (Beshalach, chapt. 65, sect. 2),
specifically Yehoshua was fit for this war.

(Orach Chaim III, Hilchos Shabbos, Halacha 5, Paragraphs 9, 10)

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The villager said...

Joshua had to Pick for himself men. This also happens after Moses dies at 120 (in order to carry Josef). This answers the obvious question of why Moses didn't go into battle himself. He wouldn't be the one to finish the mission. The choosing of men that were pure of the brit, is the same as choosing men loyal to Josef! Because the Brit (oath) Mila (word) means "man of his word" and of course Josef told us Pekad Pekadeti and we all vowed!


Now we need the mercy of G-d and the merit of the few to become witnesses to a miracle of G-ds' mercy on his rebellious people. Amalek will complain that an injustice has been done and the selection process will begin anew?

If you don't understand this, don't worry, but don't blame it on me either.