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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mi-yesh-Kan??? Who is here?

The whole idea is that it is built by Moses himself.  Yes he didn't show up on day 40 at the time expected, he was a minute late? But with the Mishkan he is always present.  King David had to die withoout building the temple, but he left behind a wise son and the foundations of the temple were already laid.  Both left written works behind of monumental value, not only are they still the best sellers but they are the most read items of litterature in history.

IN COMES RABBI NACHMAN: Previous to Moses and King David, Josef made the nation promise formally that they would take him out when they left.  Josef was still so much hated that the promise would certainly not have been kept unless Moses carried Josef on his person until passing him on to Joshua [also born in the Nile, also grew up in Pharaoes' house].  Rabbi Nachman being the SECOND SON of Rachel, on a 300 times higher level (at least) then Josef (the purest Tzaddik of all times (for Christians: son of man) besides Rabbi Nachman) he gave us the possibility to correct is anciant oath.  Tth  Bottom line a very serious promise HAS NOT BEEN KEPT.  Through a sophisticated trick, we benefited from the oath Yehuda made to take Benyamin out of Egypt and therefore we are called Jews today, and are able to live in the Holy Land as an independent nation, yet something major is needed to allow Jerusalem to regain its true status and purpose.

Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem allows us to amend what we did to Josef, and to ourselves by not keeping our "brit" to the Tzaddik Isod Haolam at that time.

The Village of Ebay Ha Nachal is the MISHKAN of Na Nach, bringing the bones is an absolute necessity for Am Israel and the world.

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