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Monday, March 10, 2014

11 Easy Ways to do Hafatza

 Many people may want to spread Na Nach but don’t know how.  Or for some it seems like too much for them to drop everything and do hafatza full time.  This should not discourage anyone, for even if we can’t accomplish everything, “a little is also good,” and when it comes to hafatza, which is the main activity for spreading light in the world and bringing the final redemption, even a little thing done is huge.  Therefore we have gathered this list of easy ways to do hafatza.   Virtually anyone can accomplish at least one or more of these.

1   1.   Stickers

Putting up Na Nach stickers is very easy and anyone can do it.  You can just carry some stickers with you when you go out and put them up wherever you happen to be.  You can start by putting some stickers on your car, bike, front door, desk, etc., as well as giving them out to friends and encouraging them to put their stickers in similar places. If you are feeling bold you can go out and put them up all over yourn town or city (just be careful not to get into trouble by putting them on private property.)  You can also ask to put them up in pizza shops, coffee houses, Judaica stores, wherever.  They may say no, but if they say yes you get a chance to do some great hafatza.
Putting up stickers is so easy, yet it is a great way to expose people to the name Na Nach.   Many people have been introduced to Na Nach by just seeing a sticker somewhere.  It is such a small thing, but one that can have huge effects.

2   2.   Art/Music/Video

If you are an artist or musician, use your talents to promote Rabeinu. If you draw or paint, you can make some cool Na Nach art, which you can use for hafatza.  Even just putting your art online is big hafatza.
If you are a musician, you can write songs that talk about Rabeinu and Na Nach, and you can also do hafatza at your shows by selling books, stickers, etc., at your merch table.  Music and art are some of the most effective ways of spreading Na Nach, as many people may be hesitant to read a book, but will listen to a good song or see some cool art and be inspired by it.
If you are into visual arts, you can make videos to promote Na Nach and put them up online.  Millions of people are online watching videos all the time.  Why not use the opportunity to get them to see something holy?

3   3.   Internet Hafatza

This can also be an extension of #2 by using the internet to get your art, music or videos out there.  You can put up videos on youtube, make a website for your music or art, or share it on facebook and other social media sites. 
You can also link a banner to Na Nach sites such as or (they have banners there that you can use to link to on your sites).  This is big hafatza and has the potential to really reach a lot of people.  Also if you have facebook, twitter, etc., you can put up quotes from Rabeinu, Reb Noson, Saba, etc., or just write Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!  This is another great and very easy way to expose people to Rabeinu’s teachings, especially people who would not be exposed to them in any other way.

4   4.   Wear a Na Nach Kippa

Some people may feel it is too much pressure for them to wear one, especially in America.  But if you have the guts to wear it, it is great hafatza.  Wearing a Na Nach kippa is a great way to start a conversation with people about Na Nach, as at least some people are bound to ask you what it says on your kippa.  I can personally testify to this, from wearing a Na Nach beanie in New York for a long time I have had many people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, ask me curiously what my kippa says, which of course gives you an opening to talk about Na Nach.  It’s great!  It can also give chizuk to people who are into Rabeinu who will see you wearing it and be inspired by it.

5   5.   Give out Tikun Klalis, pamphlets, etc.

Another very easy way to do hafatza.  Just give a Tikun Klali, or a small pamphlet or a book to any one you know or meet.  Your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, co-workers, WHOEVER.  Most people will not turn down a free book or pamphlet, and even if they do, it doesn’t hurt to offer it.  Many people have been drawn close to Rabeinu by some one giving them a book or a Tikun Klali.  Even Rabbi Yisroel Karduner (Saba’s teacher) first got exposed to Breslov by finding a Tikun Klali in a shul, and Saba first found Rabeinu by discovering a Breslov book in the trash!
I personally was given a Tikun Klali in Israel which sat in my drawer for 3 years until one day I found it there and started saying it.  Soon after that I started getting into Rabeinu.
You can also give people small cards with the Petek on it.  They are very inexpensive and you can even make them yourself at a local print shop.
You can also hand out Tikun Klali’s, Peteks, flyers, pamphlets, etc., at music concerts and events, or put a bunch of them in your local shul, yeshiva, pizza shop, coffee house, doctors office, etc. etc. etc.

6   6.   Donate Books

Call up your local shul, yeshiva, Jewish Community Center, or library and see if they would like a donation of some books of Rebbe Nachman.  You can either donate them for free, or refer them to where institutions can get an 80% discount on the books.  Saba said that Rabeinu’s books need to be in every place.  This is a great way to start the redemptive process!

7   7.   Set up a Table

Great if you can get a bunch of guys together to do it, but you can also do it by yourself.  Just set up a table outside a kosher pizza place, restaurant, supermarket, or on any busy street, park, etc.  Bring some speakers to play Na Nach music.  Dance.  Hand out flyers.  Give out Tikun Klali’s and Pitka’s.  Sell books, cd’s, stickers, kamea’s, or whetever you have.  This is huge hafatza and an enormous Tikun for both yourself and the world.  Many people may not necessarily buy the books but will still take a free sticker or pamphlet, or even just dance with you a little.  Either way you are doing a big thing, and eventually you are sure to sell at least some of the books.  Don’t give up if it seems like it’s going slow at first.  Just being there is a big Tikun, as well as great exposure for Na Nach.  Sometimes you may think you did not accomplish anything, when in fact someone you did not even notice walked away extremely inspired.  It’s hard to ever really tell how much we are accomplishing.

8   8.   Get A Van

If you have the money and time to do it, get a van, cover it in Na Nach stickers, and just drive around blasting Na Nach music and dancing wherever you can.  This can actually go hand in hand with #7, as you can park the van and set up a table there, using the van speakers to blast music and grab attention.  HUGE hafatza and one of the main activities of the Na Nach’s in Israel. (check out this video:   )

9      9.     Talk to People About Rabeinu

This can go together with #5, giving out free stuff.  But even if you can’t hand out stuff for whatever reason, just talk to people you know about Na Nach.  Encourage them to check out a Breslov book or go to or other Na Nach sites.  Tell them about some of Rabeinu’s great teachings about being joyful always, talking to G-d in your own words, renewing oneself constantly, never giving up, etc.  Many people can become very inspired by hearing these ideas and then go and check out Rebbe Nachman’s books for themselves.   Again, don’t give up!  Even if you talk to many people who seem uninterested, Rabeinu said it still very good for you to talk about it with people.  Eventually you will surely inspire someone.

1   10.                 Set up a Learning Group

Set up a learning group at your local shul, yeshiva, or even in your own home, to learn the holy books of Rabeinu.  Just get together a bunch of people who are interested, and learn together once a week, or as often as you can (even if all you can do is once a month, that’s still great!). Don’t be afraid to do it because you feel like you are no expert in Rabeinu’s sefarim.  It doesn’t matter, we are all beginners when it comes to Rabeinu.  You can set up the group either by word of mouth, putting up a flyer about it, putting a post online, etc. 
For a while we had such a group at an organic café and market in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Every week we would see different faces come and go.  Also a few times people at other tables overheard what we were talking about and came over out of interest.  One time some older guy who we would not have even known was Jewish overheard us and ended up taking a couple of books!

1   11.                 Bayit Bayit

Saba once said, “Whoever wants to be my friend should go door to door selling the books of Rabeinu.”  Like street hafatza, you can do this either alone or with a group.  Unfortunately, especially in America, due to other religious and political groups who knock on people’s doors many people will automatically turn you away without giving you a chance.  Nevertheless, there are also many people who will be interested, and will either take a free flyer or booklet, or even buy a book.  Either way, just like with street hafatza, it is only up to you to go out there and do it.  Whether or not people will accept is up to them.  You can’t force the issue.  Ultimately it’s up to Hashem anyway.  Be strong and courageous.  Na Nach!


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