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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rabbi Nachman can save the Jews in Diaspora

Honorable Mr. John Baird and Mr. Jason Kenny,

I really have great admiration for the work of your government.  I am not a Canadian but I sure hope you win the next elections because the situation in Ukraine, in the US, in Syria and in Turkey are so worrisome. I feel threatened that it would be a terrible thing if Canada lost a great government like yours at this critical time.

I am Jewish and appreciate your efforts to prevent genocides like the one that happened in Germany, as you know the G2G meetings will be beginning here tomorrow.  This must be a G-d given opportunity to unite forces around the common objective of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion.  Mt. Zion is shared between the Catholic Church, the Israeli Government and a Mosque.  Here is a real opportunity to mount a common project benefiting all three faiths.  Why shouldn't the Tomb of King David become THE MAJOR RELIGIOUS DESTINATION for ALL FAITHS?  

Genocide needs an ideological justification.  If you take this away, by uniting all the religions behind a common RELIGIOUS principle everyone respects, genocide is no longer justifiable, even for the twisted mind.

The real reason behind the "ideology" is usually the fear (weather justified or not) of famine.  The Church is changing it's attitude of flaunting wealth to serving the poor, this is also the message of Rabbi Nachman and of true Islam and other real branches of the different faiths including the ecological movement.  The spread of extremism, Nazi or other can be stalled and even reversed by joining forces for this profitable enterprise.  

The true reason HATE exists is illustrated by the story of Josef.  Josef was hated and made a slave to buy shoes, and this hate was still present in the heart of every single member of the nation of Israel even after all the years in Egypt. The brotherhood of nations also hate Israel the way Josef was/is hated by his brothers, this is measure for measure.  

G-d in his great mercy showed us the way out of this.  
One man kept his word and his name was Yehuda.  He admitted his guilt and took the embarrassment to cancel his own decree and save his widowed daughter in law who was bearing HIS CHILD.  The promise Yehuda had made to Jacob to remain in Egypt unless he brought back Benyamin was to be relied upon. As a result his prince Narchon did what he could to allow Yehuda to come out of Egypt, which required Benyamin coming out, which required the  holy remains of Josef coming out, because without Josef, no one was coming out!  The Jews in the Diaspora are in grave danger.

What we are facing is the fight for freedom.  This is common to all mankind.  I know Prime Minister Stephen Harper is totally committed to this and in my eyes he is the key player along with you Mr. Baird faithfully seconded by the very admirable Mr. Jason Kenny, and I don't mean to flatter you.  I believe Mr. Naftali Benett will be willing to help get this motion through the Israeli Knesset and convince the most radical elements in Israel.  You are not asking for land although the actual site could be made an international site protected by the IDF and managed by an international committee, pledging allegiance to King David and Rabbi Nachman.  You are asking for the right to recognize a Jewish Saint as an international saint, the same way King David is every body's King and is not the exclusive property of blood descendants of the tribes.  Who ever comes to the King is to be considered subjects of the King and not slaves of men and men's passions.  A precedent is Daniel who is recognized as a prophet by Christians, but not by Jews.

I remain at your complete service in anyway I can help you, to achieve this important goal.   Do not expect Jews to become Christians, or accept that someone who doesn't have a human father can be King over them.  They will embrace you if you accept a King which is accepted by them, a King of flesh and blood.  Peace is possible and once an open discourse between the people, without the hate, is engaged.  We will ALL be wiser, with peace, (like King Solomon), but for that we need ONE LEADERSHIP that seeks only truth (idols are not a solution).

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

The Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu
The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres
The Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
The Minister of Finance of the State of Israel. Mr. Yair Lapid
The Minister of Industry, Trade and Religious Affairs, Mr. Naftali Benett
The President of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit

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