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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jerusalem is the World Capital and it belongs to Rabbi Nachman & King David ONLY!

Secretary of State John Kerry.,

Your considerable efforts on behalf of the Obama Administration are praiseworthy, in my opinion if Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman supports them, this confirms to me that you are doing something good besides investing an admirable amount of effort. 

One vital issue remains hidden from the public, an issue the Foreign Minister Lieberman is familiar with, "Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem". This may seems like the entertainment stand not too relevant to the big league game going on, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. More important to G-d then the EXODUS FROM SLAVERY, is the respect due to Josef and if people knew that, they would be even more intimidated from observing Josef himself throw himself at the feet of Rabbi Nachman of Uman.

Many people feel that the UNITED STATES is a great country. I am telling you that under G-d it is a holy country, which has overcome slavery in 1820 (*1)! The Greenback is the defeat of idolatry, and the idolators' need for a gold standard. The liberated Dollar was very advanced stuff and a great pleasure to G-d. The Israeli Shekel has reached a level far superior however, (and as Israels' patrons the US and Europe stand to gain from this), the people on the shekels are the four disciples of Mr. "10" Odesser (Na Nach). All the money and the wheat in Israel comes from Rabbi Nachman just as it once came from Josef (95% comes from the Ukraine). There are many more proofs that this is direct divine intervention.

In keeping with the greatness of the United States and the new level of freedom heralded by the Shekel which represents personal freedom from our own lusts of the flesh: (money, sex, food) the only way to bring an ideological level to the PEACE NEGOTIATIONS that will draw the hearts of all sides is to bring the saint on a level higher then Josef to the "New Capital", JERUSALEM. Those from all over the world that are united against slavery on all levels will be drawn by this common banner. G-d will certainly grant freedom through economic success to all those who partake in HIS freedom project.

Please take heed to what I am writing to you because I founded and live in a village by the same name as the book which was made by all 5 people on the Israeli Shekel and this is very far from a coincidence. I am writing to you because G-d has just asked me to. Like all revelations it is both a blessing and a curse, choose the blessing. If Israel hears that you will only continue your efforts if the bones of Rabbi Nachman are brought to Jerusalem, they will believe in you and love you and even crown you! If you push for negotiations regardless, you will NEVER win their hearts! I have no doubt the Jewish Nation knows best how to suffer, so if it becomes a generalized suffering contest I know in advance who will win, certainly not the one responsible for the suffering.

My name if Geoffrey Max Spiro my social security number 579 70 3920, I was born in March 1965 at which time as you know, blacks and whites were MARCHING to Washington for freedom. Twenty years ago, I also marched from Uman to the Ukraine for Rabbi Nachman, but that year, Prime Minister Rabin (Rabi N.), was not able to Bring Rabbi Nachman, instead he (like Martin Luther) was murdered that year. His blood on the song of Peace marks a serious halt in the process. The spirit of 65 lives within me, even if I was born while my father was serving US AID in Dakkar, Senegal. Secretary Kerry, I know you and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will know how to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem together, and I am sure the Arab League will assist you with this project against universal slavery!

I believe with Avigdor Lieberman and Yair Lapid on your team you have every chance at experiencing great success, in Bringing Rabbi Nachman and FREEDOM to the world.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

His Royal Highness, The King of Jordan, Abdullah II
His Royal Highness, The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI
His Excellency, The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres
His Excellency, The Ambassador of the United States, Mr. Dan Shapiro
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
The Minister of Finance of the State of Israel, Mr. Yair Lapid.

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