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Sunday, February 2, 2014

How does the word "ner" light symbolize uniting head and feet?

Rabbi Israel always speaks about the mefoursamim that seperate the head from the feet and create darkness..  The darkness of the flood, the light of the zohar in the arch of Noah.

The Hebrew letter Noun, looks like a foot or an L the Hebrew letter R looks like an inverted L and represents the number 200 or "head" in Arameic.  so it is fair to say that the word Ner (light) connects the head and the feet.

Today it is enough to go to Jerusalem ON FOOT for salvation, that is in fact joining the head with the feet.

See you soon!!!

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The villager said...

Do not be surprised that the word for Oil is Shem N or Name L as to why it is the oil of the Zait/ O-Live we use and why the Dove brought an olive think about it...