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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rabbi Nachman can save the Jews in Diaspora

Honorable Mr. John Baird and Mr. Jason Kenny,

I really have great admiration for the work of your government.  I am not a Canadian but I sure hope you win the next elections because the situation in Ukraine, in the US, in Syria and in Turkey are so worrisome. I feel threatened that it would be a terrible thing if Canada lost a great government like yours at this critical time.

I am Jewish and appreciate your efforts to prevent genocides like the one that happened in Germany, as you know the G2G meetings will be beginning here tomorrow.  This must be a G-d given opportunity to unite forces around the common objective of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion.  Mt. Zion is shared between the Catholic Church, the Israeli Government and a Mosque.  Here is a real opportunity to mount a common project benefiting all three faiths.  Why shouldn't the Tomb of King David become THE MAJOR RELIGIOUS DESTINATION for ALL FAITHS?  

Genocide needs an ideological justification.  If you take this away, by uniting all the religions behind a common RELIGIOUS principle everyone respects, genocide is no longer justifiable, even for the twisted mind.

The real reason behind the "ideology" is usually the fear (weather justified or not) of famine.  The Church is changing it's attitude of flaunting wealth to serving the poor, this is also the message of Rabbi Nachman and of true Islam and other real branches of the different faiths including the ecological movement.  The spread of extremism, Nazi or other can be stalled and even reversed by joining forces for this profitable enterprise.  

The true reason HATE exists is illustrated by the story of Josef.  Josef was hated and made a slave to buy shoes, and this hate was still present in the heart of every single member of the nation of Israel even after all the years in Egypt. The brotherhood of nations also hate Israel the way Josef was/is hated by his brothers, this is measure for measure.  

G-d in his great mercy showed us the way out of this.  
One man kept his word and his name was Yehuda.  He admitted his guilt and took the embarrassment to cancel his own decree and save his widowed daughter in law who was bearing HIS CHILD.  The promise Yehuda had made to Jacob to remain in Egypt unless he brought back Benyamin was to be relied upon. As a result his prince Narchon did what he could to allow Yehuda to come out of Egypt, which required Benyamin coming out, which required the  holy remains of Josef coming out, because without Josef, no one was coming out!  The Jews in the Diaspora are in grave danger.

What we are facing is the fight for freedom.  This is common to all mankind.  I know Prime Minister Stephen Harper is totally committed to this and in my eyes he is the key player along with you Mr. Baird faithfully seconded by the very admirable Mr. Jason Kenny, and I don't mean to flatter you.  I believe Mr. Naftali Benett will be willing to help get this motion through the Israeli Knesset and convince the most radical elements in Israel.  You are not asking for land although the actual site could be made an international site protected by the IDF and managed by an international committee, pledging allegiance to King David and Rabbi Nachman.  You are asking for the right to recognize a Jewish Saint as an international saint, the same way King David is every body's King and is not the exclusive property of blood descendants of the tribes.  Who ever comes to the King is to be considered subjects of the King and not slaves of men and men's passions.  A precedent is Daniel who is recognized as a prophet by Christians, but not by Jews.

I remain at your complete service in anyway I can help you, to achieve this important goal.   Do not expect Jews to become Christians, or accept that someone who doesn't have a human father can be King over them.  They will embrace you if you accept a King which is accepted by them, a King of flesh and blood.  Peace is possible and once an open discourse between the people, without the hate, is engaged.  We will ALL be wiser, with peace, (like King Solomon), but for that we need ONE LEADERSHIP that seeks only truth (idols are not a solution).

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

The Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu
The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres
The Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
The Minister of Finance of the State of Israel. Mr. Yair Lapid
The Minister of Industry, Trade and Religious Affairs, Mr. Naftali Benett
The President of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit


Many people want to be Tzaddikkim, and everyone knows Josef is THE Tzaddik because he had NO SEXUAL LUSTS or even one evil thought.  Everyone also says that all the other brothers were Tzaddikkim, maybe not on the same level. If Josef was the only one called THE TZADDIK then why are the others considered Tzadikkim and why is Yehuda the King and considered MORE then Josef??

The question is important because how can Saba say he is King and he is Na Nach since one implies Juda and the other Rabbi Nachman which is tikkun ha Brit (freedom from sexual lusts).  How can Saba be both the ultimate Baal Tchouva like Yehuda AND the ultimate Pure Tzaddik like Rabbi Nachman???

What are we in all of this.

No one can claim to be on the level of Josef the Tzaddik, not even Yehuda.

When we say at then end of Birkat Ha Mazon (grace after meal) Le David ou le zaro (David and his descendants) we are referring to all the people that make this prayer and say Psalms.

 How do we suddenly become "princes and princesses"?  What happened in Egypt where the Nation of Israel was born? We went to Egypt because we were willing to "convert" our brother to "useful" shoes.  When  we arrived in Egypt we promised to take Josef out, but


Yehuda didn't keep his promise to take Josef out, but because without taking Josef out, NO ONE WAS LEAVING EGYPT, something took place which I am explaining here.

Moses, Yehoshua, and Serah bat Asher were all "Josef" since they were born from the Nile and grew up in the house of Faro, Serach was the intended second half of Josef.  I am emphasizing that no one kept the promise to Josef, Josef wasn't allowed to take himsel out on his own.  Yehuda had made a promise to Jacob, that he would not leave Egypt without Benyamin.  Yehuda really intended to keep this promise, we can believe him because when he admitted that he had slept with Tamar who disguised herself as a prostitute he was HONEST, she didn't need to be burnt as a witch as he had ordered, he recognized, he was guilty.  He was a Baal Tchouva!  As a result of his binding promise to Jacob, his bones were not coming out of Egypt without the bones of Benyamin and THEREFORE Narchon, his prince is credited with having taken out Josef since this was a necessary step for taking out Benyamin and therefore Yehuda!

The Baal Tchouva doesn't do the right thing because he is good. Narchon HATED JOSEF like all the brothers, he simply has the honesty to keep his word.  It turns out this is the level of King, a lower level then Saint or Wise man.  Every Jew that still recites psalms in this generation is like a Baal Tchouva and is therefore a student of Yehuda and King David.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hi Mrs. Chelsea Clinton!

Hi Mrs. Chelsea Clinton,

The whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is not to be afraid at all. (Rabbi Nachman).

Your father almost succeeded in bringing Peace to the world, but Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated before he could bring the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion. (7 weeks after his visit to the Ukraine). 

The Ukraine is in turmoil and so are all those connected to the great attempt at PREVENTING Rabbi Nachman from being buried with King David.

When your father was President, I was sent to speak with Dennis Ross, but political forces in Israel were preventing the transaction (they even murdered the Prime Minister).

Times have changed, Israel has a very important gas reserve, and everyone (except predators) know that there is no alternative to Peace. The Israeli Government will unite as one man behind your family if you suggest bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion. Rabbi Nachman call Ishmael (father of the Arabs) "the man of prayer" which is the greatest compliment that can be given by Rabbi Nachman. Rabbi Nachman is in favor of people praying in their own language in their own chosen field. On the other hand Rabbi Nachman hates false religious leaders that "con" the masses.

I believe the Democrates and the State Department has done a fantastic job so far and I know you will have complete success thanks to this project.

As for the Palestinian State according to Mr. Svi Misinai who bases his work on President Israac Ben Svi, one of the four primary students of Rav Odesser, a man who is portrayed on the Israeli currency banknote (100 Nis.). There is no need for conflict because 90% are ancient Hebrews that have converted many times in many directions over the centuries, most of them are not fanatics just as most Zionists are not fanatics.

Making Jerusalem the city of Peace, will allow USA to reach farther with their message of FREEDOM then they could from New York. I also want to conclude, that Rabbi Nachman will bring the world FREEDOM from lusts which is a form of slavery that many have never escaped.... very soon they will thanks to your father finishing his work, in-spite of the murder of his friend

Saturday, February 15, 2014

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jerusalem is the World Capital and it belongs to Rabbi Nachman & King David ONLY!

Secretary of State John Kerry.,

Your considerable efforts on behalf of the Obama Administration are praiseworthy, in my opinion if Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman supports them, this confirms to me that you are doing something good besides investing an admirable amount of effort. 

One vital issue remains hidden from the public, an issue the Foreign Minister Lieberman is familiar with, "Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem". This may seems like the entertainment stand not too relevant to the big league game going on, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. More important to G-d then the EXODUS FROM SLAVERY, is the respect due to Josef and if people knew that, they would be even more intimidated from observing Josef himself throw himself at the feet of Rabbi Nachman of Uman.

Many people feel that the UNITED STATES is a great country. I am telling you that under G-d it is a holy country, which has overcome slavery in 1820 (*1)! The Greenback is the defeat of idolatry, and the idolators' need for a gold standard. The liberated Dollar was very advanced stuff and a great pleasure to G-d. The Israeli Shekel has reached a level far superior however, (and as Israels' patrons the US and Europe stand to gain from this), the people on the shekels are the four disciples of Mr. "10" Odesser (Na Nach). All the money and the wheat in Israel comes from Rabbi Nachman just as it once came from Josef (95% comes from the Ukraine). There are many more proofs that this is direct divine intervention.

In keeping with the greatness of the United States and the new level of freedom heralded by the Shekel which represents personal freedom from our own lusts of the flesh: (money, sex, food) the only way to bring an ideological level to the PEACE NEGOTIATIONS that will draw the hearts of all sides is to bring the saint on a level higher then Josef to the "New Capital", JERUSALEM. Those from all over the world that are united against slavery on all levels will be drawn by this common banner. G-d will certainly grant freedom through economic success to all those who partake in HIS freedom project.

Please take heed to what I am writing to you because I founded and live in a village by the same name as the book which was made by all 5 people on the Israeli Shekel and this is very far from a coincidence. I am writing to you because G-d has just asked me to. Like all revelations it is both a blessing and a curse, choose the blessing. If Israel hears that you will only continue your efforts if the bones of Rabbi Nachman are brought to Jerusalem, they will believe in you and love you and even crown you! If you push for negotiations regardless, you will NEVER win their hearts! I have no doubt the Jewish Nation knows best how to suffer, so if it becomes a generalized suffering contest I know in advance who will win, certainly not the one responsible for the suffering.

My name if Geoffrey Max Spiro my social security number 579 70 3920, I was born in March 1965 at which time as you know, blacks and whites were MARCHING to Washington for freedom. Twenty years ago, I also marched from Uman to the Ukraine for Rabbi Nachman, but that year, Prime Minister Rabin (Rabi N.), was not able to Bring Rabbi Nachman, instead he (like Martin Luther) was murdered that year. His blood on the song of Peace marks a serious halt in the process. The spirit of 65 lives within me, even if I was born while my father was serving US AID in Dakkar, Senegal. Secretary Kerry, I know you and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will know how to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem together, and I am sure the Arab League will assist you with this project against universal slavery!

I believe with Avigdor Lieberman and Yair Lapid on your team you have every chance at experiencing great success, in Bringing Rabbi Nachman and FREEDOM to the world.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

His Royal Highness, The King of Jordan, Abdullah II
His Royal Highness, The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI
His Excellency, The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres
His Excellency, The Ambassador of the United States, Mr. Dan Shapiro
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
The Minister of Finance of the State of Israel, Mr. Yair Lapid.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project Tikkun

Great new music from Shimon Nachman Shilo.

To download full album go to

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Na Nach Child Rearing pt. 6

(continued from Israel Saba)

We need to learn, not to waste even one moment; to learn, only to learn all the time, and to train ourselves to know the Torah and faith and truth.  Without this – there is no life, nothing.  We would be like animals, like beasts.  Oy vey, oy vey…
We need to train ourselves and our descendants in the ways of the Torah and faith and truth.  Education – we need to educate our children in the ways of the Torah, that they will learn and know, then they will be rectified.  Only we are the People of Israel, the People of the Torah.  The Messiah will come and we will know what we are, who we are.  Oy vey…
Our Torah gives us life and light and strength and faith and truth, and teaches us the ways of faith and the ways of God and Torah.  Every word is all our vitality.  There are such lights in the Torah that can fill us with the light of Torah and Judaism.  It teaches us what to eat and how to eat and everything.  In the Torah are mentioned unclean birds – but it is forbidden for us to eat them.  Everything can be found in the Torah – the way of truth, how to do everything and how to live.
The main thing is to live with faith, with the Torah; we as well as our descendants, and our homes.  Also for the woman, there is what to learn and how to live.  The woman needs to learn and to know and to believe in God and in the Torah, without this – nothing.  All our life depends on the woman!  She needs to understand how to live with her husband and how to educate the children and how to mold them; he commanded that it should all be entirely holy.  They should learn and know what we have, the holy Torah, faith and truth.  Only we are the people of Israel, a unique people in the world, one people, a holy people.  God gave us the Torah and the Mitzvot, and all the Torah is the main point of our lives.  We need also the teachings and the language of Yiddish, to speak in Yiddish, yes.  We need to sanctify our speech, everything we say should have holiness and the holiness of the Torah of the Torah and God and truth and faith.  Also, when one speaks in a foreign tongue, it impurifies the man.  It changes, impurifies the man.  Our speech, God should have mercy, all that it causes.  Oy vey, Master of the World…
The thinkers that left the ways of the Torah ruin our children.  It creates generations of destructive thieves, it destroys the world, yes.  The parents do not know, and we have not merited to educate our children in the ways of the Torah.  The parents strayed, but the truth will be revealed and all will know that the main point of our life is faith and truth and the holy Torah, every word.
The time will come when there will be a new existence, not like it is now.  The time will come when we will know the holiness of our life, the holiness of our Torah, it will be a redemption, the children will be good and holy.  The time will come when everyone will know the Torah and believe in the Torah and keep the Torah.  It will be a different world!  Now the world is a ruin; there is no light, no truth.  All the world is in darkness and not knowing anything.  Oy vey, what there is in the world, oy vey…
I bless all the children that God should help them to be strengthened in fear of Heaven and Torah.  God should help all of Israel, all who need.  May God arouse mercy and have mercy on them and help them with all the salvations, quickly, and give us true knowledge, to know how to come close to God in truth.  The main point is faith, to believe in God and the Torah and the Mitzvot.  We are the people of God, the people of the Torah.  We need to be strong in faith in God and in the Torah.  To be strong, not to fall, God forbid.  May God have mercy on us, end everyone should ask for mercy every day, that we should merit to guard the Torah and our children, and to learn and fulfill the Torah.  That is the main point!  To think about this, not to forget what we are saying.  This is all our vitality, all our hearts, everything!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How does the word "ner" light symbolize uniting head and feet?

Rabbi Israel always speaks about the mefoursamim that seperate the head from the feet and create darkness..  The darkness of the flood, the light of the zohar in the arch of Noah.

The Hebrew letter Noun, looks like a foot or an L the Hebrew letter R looks like an inverted L and represents the number 200 or "head" in Arameic.  so it is fair to say that the word Ner (light) connects the head and the feet.

Today it is enough to go to Jerusalem ON FOOT for salvation, that is in fact joining the head with the feet.

See you soon!!!