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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What does President Shazar have to do with Hitler (ymach shmo)?

If you take the Nazi symbol and cut it in four, you get L,L,L,L which is the Hebrew letter "noun"or N.  This letter has a value of 50 which repeated four times has a value of 200.  200 in Aramaic is pronounced Reich, precisely like the "Third Reich", but it actually means "head". 

Conclusion #1:  The 'head' (Reich) is the first minister of education of the State of Israel figuring on the 200 Shekel note.  The head is NOT Hitler, rather President Shazar, the talmid of Saba Israel.  Three attempts were made since 2010 to take the Na Nachs off the bills, (and the 10 Shekel coin is in honor of the author of their book Odesser (10 in Hebrew)).  All three attempts failed, thank G-d.

Conclusion #2: If the head is the first minister of education then the body (which is the holy nation in the holy land) includes all people that go to ISRAELI SCHOOLS (MALCHOUTI / "of the Kingdom").  If you consider who is threatened by an Iranian bomb, or terror attacks, then in makes sense why the agression is directed at ALL ISRAELIS and their guests.

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