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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Na Nach Child Rearing pt. 4

from Sefer Hamidos (Book of Traits):
  • One must guard a baby that it should not go [about] with an uncovered head.
  • A man does not need to worry about the income of his children. For, as they grow, their income grows with them.
  • One should be very careful that one’s child is not nursed by an evil woman. For milk contaminates and milk purifies.
  • Bad mannerism in a person’s house is worse than the War of Gog and Magog (a war of immense proportions that, according to prophecy, will take place right before the Redemption).
  • One should not treat one son differently than his other sons.
  • One must teach a child proper behavior (“derech eretz”) from a young age.
  • One who does not have mercy on his children, it is certain that he does not possess a portion of holy intelligence.
  • Children will be fools when their father is bad tempered.
  • One who suffers in the raising of his children, should read the Biblical passages describing the Creation, everyday. (Genesis 1:1 – 2:3)
  • The pouring out of one’s heart before God will be a source of redemption and salvation for one’s children.
  • The milk of a righteous woman is good for the baby to have fear of Heaven, and also gives him dominion over this world.
  • One who has control over his desires causes that his children will not be drawn to evil ways, that his money is blessed, and that he will not be put to a test.
  • Charity protects one’s offspring.
  • One who does not review his Torah studies will have a hard time raising his children.

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