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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Na Nach Child Rearing pt. 3

The Rebbe said that when teachers pressure their young students too much, the child ends up knowing nothing.  One must use great skill to teach children gradually, without threats and forcing.  This way, the child will grasp much more easily.  Often the teacher repeats to the child again and again, “Remember this!  Remember this!”  If the teacher would review the material with more patience, the child would surely remember the material much better; but since the teacher keeps repeating, “Remember this!  Remember this!” the child will think that the meaning of the verse he is being taught is “Remember this!”  The child only becomes completely confused by being pressured.  This cannot be explained, but it is self-evident to anyone with intelligence.  As a general rule, one should not pressure oneself too much on any matter, but progress gradually and patiently.  This teaching arose out of the following story:  A father once brought his son to the Rebbe.  The father reviewed with the boy the entire way there that when he is given a drink, he should say “Savri Maranan v’Rabanan” – Attention, masters and rabbis.  He reviewed it with the boy again and again so that he would remember it well and not get confused.  When they finally reached the Rebbe, he was completely unable to say anything because he was so confused.  The Rebbe then said to the father, “You must have reviewed this with him so much and pressured him so much to remember that he is now unable to say it at all.  Had you not reviewed it with him so much, he would have certainly been able to say it properly.”  The Rebbe then discussed the subject as recorded above.
(Chayei Moharan, 432)

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