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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Na Nach Child Rearing pt. 5

from the book Israel Saba, pg. 284
(Rabbi Israel speaks to someone on the topic of educating children and family matters.)
We need to make strong hats for children so that they will not fall off, attractive and strong, yes.
We need to educate children from infancy.  Children are still not immersed so much in desires, they are open to receiving.  A child has a mind, and he is not given attention.  We need to supervise and to guard.  Children – one needs to speak to them when they are old enough to speak, and to instill in our children the ways of repentance, of modesty.  When a child begins to speak, we need to speak with him, to help him understand that this world is only for the sake of the World to Come, to learn Torah and to fulfill the Torah and Mitzvot.
We need to pay attention to the education of our boys and girls from the earliest age, according to their minds, according to their capacity, and to learn with them the ways of keeping the Torah, the ways of modesty.  Children like these need to be taught, so that they will understand.  To teach the small child to be habituated to wash himself and ritually wash his hands, and the more he grows and matures, he will be able to understand more how to learn, how to live, yes.
When a child grows, his mind and all his human powers develop; he grows from month to month, from year to year, and becomes older and older.  When he reaches some intelligence, some wisdom, one can learn with him.  A child of seven or eight years, ten years, one can speak to him; one needs to speak to him and help him understand that the main point if life is the Torah, and the most important thing is to repent and fulfill the Torah and Mitzvot.
We need to accustom the children to say Tehillim (psalms) and Likutei Tefillot, and to understand and know what is a Jew.  They should learn and know the Torah and the Tanach, and fulfill the Torah and believe in the Torah.  We, the people of Israel, are a holy people, and we need to teach our children the ways of the Truth, the ways of modesty, the ways of holiness, and they should know the Torah, the Tanach and the Gemarrah and the Midrash.
To train the children to sleep on time, to wake up on time, to go to synagogue to hear, even at the age where he still does not understand; to hear the prayer of Jews praying to God.
We need to teach them, then they will be children of value and such great descendants will come from them…holy generations of Torah and faith.  They should learn and know and become accustomed to learning and understanding, it will be an established thing.  We need to have self-sacrifice, to use only God-fearing educators for our children, to see and hear good from them.
We are Jews, we and the Torah are one.  We need to instill the Torah in ourselves and in our children, every anecdote and every story of the Torah is all our vitality.  Without the vitality and the truth and faith and knowledge, we are nothing, God forbid.
Our speech…words of Torah and learning, that is all our life.  We are human beings, the holy People of Israel, we can guide our children in the ways of the Torah and of modesty, that they will have strength to learn Torah and fulfill it.
Oy vey, our children learn with children who don’t know a thing about the Torah, about faith, they don’t know anything.  They do not have the manners of the Torah and faith and truth, so they are nothing, the children are nothing.  Also if, God forbid, we go in the ways of non-Jewish education, then we become like animals, like birds, like chickens, we have nothing, it kills us – the faith and the light.  Without faith, without Torah, there is no vitality, nothing.  It is because of this that we were cast away and distanced from the truth and from faith.  The education of those Jews is like that of the non-Jews; because of this we are suffering…
Our children should know that we are a unique nation in the world, that we believe in the Torah and the Mitzvot.  We and our descendants need to be educated in the way of the Torah, with holiness and fear of Heaven, not just in a common way.  This is all our vitality, our life, our heart, yes.  Oy…
We are the people of the covenant, the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, from whom we inherited the way of truth and the Torah and the Mitzvot.  We are a unique nation in the world, the Holy People and the holy Land of Israel.  We can receive holiness from every word of the Holy Torah.  We are the people of the Torah, we have such a Torah, such awesome things that God does with us in every generation, and chose us from all the peoples and gave us the Torah, “Blessed are You, Lord, who gives the Torah!”
We need to guard the ways of the Torah and faith, then we will receive great vitality from the Torah, from every story of the Torah.  Every word of the holy Torah is all our vitality, without it we have nothing, we have no wisdom and no faith and no strength, nothing.  We need to give ourselves over to instilling the great light of faith in our hearts, of the holy Torah, the Tanach and the Talmud, all the books of the true tzadikkim, our holy forefathers.  We have Torah, we have righteous and holy Rabbis, they already interpreted all the Torah for us.  In their strength we can draw close to God.  The wisdom of the Torah is only in order to fulfill and to understand the Torah, to fulfill the Torah!
In every generation, they gave their souls for the Torah and Mitzvot, for the keeping of the Shabbat, for all the Mitzvot; that is all our vitality, all of our life.  We need to have mercy on ourselves, ourselves and on our descendants, we need to understand and to instill in our hearts the will to fulfill the ways ways of the Torah, to give our souls for this; also our children will know the ways of the Torah and faith and truth.  Only we are a holy people!  We are the people of God, people of the Torah.  We need to accustom ourselves to learning Torah and fulfilling the Torah and the Mitzvot.  (The Torah) guides us and concerning the mitzvoth od Tzitzit and Tefillin and Shabbat.  We need such faith, such holiness, such a Torah… which is all our vitality and all our life!  We need only to rejoice always in our holy Torah, and to learn Torah with self-sacrifice, and to inspire our wives and children and descendants only with holiness.


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