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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The nisayon of the century (plus twenty)

Most of us have probably experienced the following scenario. It's the moment of the sinking up our hearts, the tears rushing to the eyes, and the outline of our handprints displayed on our faces. It's the time when seemingly our lives can't possibly go on, the moment when the yetzer hara is at his best. Each individual has these feelings for different reasons. Weather it be trouble balancing college and our dedication to hashm, problems with family, or just problems with our emuna and bitachon, but no matter what the problem is, our yetzer hara convinces us that our lives cannot and will not go on. But these are the moments when we know for sure that the exact opposite is really happening. At these moments we know, and receive assurance that our lives will go on, and will go on without any sadness and depression chad vishalom, and only happiness. 

But this needs some explanation. In simple terms it can be compared to a body builder, who yearns so badly to have the biggest muscles and be the strongest person he can be. For this body builder, the moments with the most pain and agony, are the moments when he knows that his muscles are being built, an he is getting closer to his goal of being the strongest person he can be. But in our case, instead of being body builders, we are amazing Jews on a mission, to be the best Jews we can be, and to inspire others to do the same. And instead of muscle that we are trying to build, its emuna and bitachon. And it's those moments when we can't go further, and we are experiencing the most pain, is when we know we can take rabeinu's advice and scream out to hashm, and have our emuna and bitachon strengthened like never before. 

So next time these types of things come up, listen to the echoing words of rabbeinu, and speak with hashm, have your words flow out like a river, and have tears running down your face like you will never have the opportunity to do it ever again because it is after all the nisayon of the century (plus twenty). When we are going through these times we can't look at happy times in the past or future and be completely comforted, because our mind is completely clouded with our nisayon, that will affect us for our entire lives. But that's what the yetzer hara is doing. In truth we will look back at it years later and realize what a bracha  it actually   was, and realize that we made it through, and therefore it wasn't the nisayon of the century plus 20 (our entire lives) rather it was a nisayon that strengthen our emuna and bitachon to unimaginable heights, so in fact the yetzer hara was sort of right it because it wasn't nesesrerly  the nisayon I the century plus 20, but rather the nisayon that got us through the century plus 20, with lots of simcha, emuna and bitachon and with this zchus the coming of moshiach!

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