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Sunday, December 8, 2013

GID (17) key to understanding hafatsa

Just got my computer to work again after letting it dry on the heater!

When the Loubavitch put on tefillin, they are doing what the Na Nachs do when they jump and say nanach... they are "rounding up"....

Meod haya kashe li laredet elercha talmidi ha yakar

(this is the gid menashe used to tie the torah together)
IN NORWEGIAN: Gid is to care, and Eager (care a lot) is the same word as Jew."Ivrig". You ever say to a horse "giddy up, go"? What it means is to pick up the heels, wake up, come alive, "get together".

The passage continues "Ki neenety meod meavodatecha"
Wait.. that isn't even grammatical, since when does a sentence begin with "because" when no reason is presented.

Therefore the Ki (because) doesn't follow to "tell you" . do it in English.. to tell you because I greatly enjoyed your services on you I said, my fire will burn...

In English you would have to say:
to tell you THAT because I greatly enjoyed your services, on you I said...

The THAT is missing, and even if it were there that is one heck of a long and convoluted sentence.


The word GID (17) is the act of "uniting/rounding up" the dispersed.  Up and down from Egypt and the well (Josef/Saba/Mordecai/Moses)  It is the jumping and it is going out to do hafatsa.  AND OF COURSE: it is going to the Kibboutz!


The villager said...

Very hard it was for me to come down to you my precious student to "connect you", because I greatly appreciated your services, and on you I said my fire will burn 717, Messiah arrives.

717 alludes to Tehillim of Hannukka (hallel shalem)116. the G-d fearing, the small and the large. (those that do Friday and those that do Sunday)what is Shabbas without the 8th candle?

Shamor= Moshe (Mitsvas)
Zachor= Yosef (the hostage)(woe to the Pharaoe that forgets Josef, woe to the brother that forgot his promise to Josef)

Anonymous said...

also tora vav starts off with ki

The villager said...

Wow, thanks anonymous!

Ki is a crown, let's bring Rabbi Nachman fast so that we can start studying for real, ok? Obviously even, E V E N, Rabbi Nachman could only get so far in the condition the world is in today.

The villager said...

Very, it was, difficult for me to come down to you my precious student to tie you up (bind you to me).

Because I greatly enjoyed your service and (because) on you I said my fire will burn (Hallel psalm 116, 717), Moshiah will come!

nissim said...

Chazaq, Villager!

I've accordingly updated


1. Should "me'od" be understood as "death" as per chazal?

2. What is 717?

Na Nach,

nissim said...

p.s. please do make any corrections there