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Monday, December 30, 2013

Na Nach child rearing pt. 2

Every person must seek and search very much for an honest, upright and God-fearing teacher for his children, and beseech G-d very much about this, in order that his children’s teacher shouldn’t corrupt the holy breath of the mouths of the schoolchildren, which sustains the world.  (For due to our many sins, there now exist educational societies that aim to teach little Jewish children secular wisdoms – which are stupidity and darkness – as well as the languages of the gentiles (this subject is discussed in Liktutei Halachot, Hilchot Pesach 7).  These studies defile the holy breath of the mouths of schoolchildren, and as we observe empirically, these children subsequently grow up to be atheists, heretics and the like.  Therefore, Reb Noson writes there [in Likutei Halachot]: “Happy is he who keeps himself and his children far away from these people.”  A person has an obligation to refrain from enrolling his children in any school where even one of the children follows these evil paths and learns secular wisdom and languages – even if that child learns these paths in some other place.  For it is forbidden to have any connection whatsoever with these people.)
(Kitzur Likutei Moharan, I, 37)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saba visited Rabbainu in Uman in the 60's!! !

BH Just heard about this. Zalman Shazar arranged an official visit. If not for the opposers of Saba who knows how much could have been achieved way back then.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Na Nach Child Rearing pt.1

It is more beneficial for children that a person should distance himself from them; that is, he shouldn’t be too attached to them and play with them all the time.  Don’t pay too much attention to them except what is necessary to educate them in the service of G-d when they are old enough to learn.  However, you shouldn’t play with them too much.
(Likutei Aitzot, Children, 15)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The nisayon of the century (plus twenty)

Most of us have probably experienced the following scenario. It's the moment of the sinking up our hearts, the tears rushing to the eyes, and the outline of our handprints displayed on our faces. It's the time when seemingly our lives can't possibly go on, the moment when the yetzer hara is at his best. Each individual has these feelings for different reasons. Weather it be trouble balancing college and our dedication to hashm, problems with family, or just problems with our emuna and bitachon, but no matter what the problem is, our yetzer hara convinces us that our lives cannot and will not go on. But these are the moments when we know for sure that the exact opposite is really happening. At these moments we know, and receive assurance that our lives will go on, and will go on without any sadness and depression chad vishalom, and only happiness. 

But this needs some explanation. In simple terms it can be compared to a body builder, who yearns so badly to have the biggest muscles and be the strongest person he can be. For this body builder, the moments with the most pain and agony, are the moments when he knows that his muscles are being built, an he is getting closer to his goal of being the strongest person he can be. But in our case, instead of being body builders, we are amazing Jews on a mission, to be the best Jews we can be, and to inspire others to do the same. And instead of muscle that we are trying to build, its emuna and bitachon. And it's those moments when we can't go further, and we are experiencing the most pain, is when we know we can take rabeinu's advice and scream out to hashm, and have our emuna and bitachon strengthened like never before. 

So next time these types of things come up, listen to the echoing words of rabbeinu, and speak with hashm, have your words flow out like a river, and have tears running down your face like you will never have the opportunity to do it ever again because it is after all the nisayon of the century (plus twenty). When we are going through these times we can't look at happy times in the past or future and be completely comforted, because our mind is completely clouded with our nisayon, that will affect us for our entire lives. But that's what the yetzer hara is doing. In truth we will look back at it years later and realize what a bracha  it actually   was, and realize that we made it through, and therefore it wasn't the nisayon of the century plus 20 (our entire lives) rather it was a nisayon that strengthen our emuna and bitachon to unimaginable heights, so in fact the yetzer hara was sort of right it because it wasn't nesesrerly  the nisayon I the century plus 20, but rather the nisayon that got us through the century plus 20, with lots of simcha, emuna and bitachon and with this zchus the coming of moshiach!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Here's a link to a new song :)

Na Nach Child Rearing

I just started a new website called Na Nach Child Rearing.   It gathers together advice from Rabeinu and his followers on the subject of raising children.   So far I have up stuff from Rebbe Nachman, Reb Noson, Saba, and Shimshon Barsky, as well as prayers from Likutei Tefilos.  BE"H more to come soon.    I will also hopefully post some of the aitzos from the site on here little by little.    Check it out here:

Saturday, December 21, 2013

NaNach Snowman

Get the kids involved! Send their Nanach projects, photos, illustrations etc. to and B"H they will be posted under the NaNach Kids Category.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hillula of Rebbe Nasson

Download the letter of his students regarding the story of his passing

מכתב ההסתלקות: מה שכתבו אנ"ש מברסלב לעיר טשערין מהסתלקות מאור עינינו מורנו רבי נתן זצ"ל מברסלב.

Much thanks to Zundel for donating it to the Breslov Books free download section.

At the tzion we are all singing Nanach

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Books for Free Download

B"H more books for download from Maleh Vgadish

  1. משיבת נפש עם שמות הצדיקים
  2. חלוקי הנחל - 7 העמודים מר' יצחק ברייטער
  3. תיקון חצות

See all Breslev books for free download

BH New Non-Profit Nanach Organization


B"H the Nanach friends, those that believe that the entire redemption is dependent on the dissemination of the holy teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and to this end have been publishing tens of thousands of books and distributing them for free and or very negligible token prices, yes those pirate Nanachs have managed to put together a non profit organization where you can contribute easily straight into the hafatza blood stream, confident that the money is going purely for hafatza, there are no salaries here, no overhead, no organization costs or expenditures. There might be at times very minimal costs that are absolutely essential and unavoidable, and even these are often footed by the Nanach friends. So take down the information and perhaps you too will merit to some share in the redemption.

Bank Discount (of Israel)
דיסקונט בנק
מלא וגדיש (ע"ר)
מספר חשבון: 123379670
מספר חשבון קודם: 0-00-046098
סניף דרך בן גוריון 58

Sunday, December 8, 2013

GID (17) key to understanding hafatsa

Just got my computer to work again after letting it dry on the heater!

When the Loubavitch put on tefillin, they are doing what the Na Nachs do when they jump and say nanach... they are "rounding up"....

Meod haya kashe li laredet elercha talmidi ha yakar

(this is the gid menashe used to tie the torah together)
IN NORWEGIAN: Gid is to care, and Eager (care a lot) is the same word as Jew."Ivrig". You ever say to a horse "giddy up, go"? What it means is to pick up the heels, wake up, come alive, "get together".

The passage continues "Ki neenety meod meavodatecha"
Wait.. that isn't even grammatical, since when does a sentence begin with "because" when no reason is presented.

Therefore the Ki (because) doesn't follow to "tell you" . do it in English.. to tell you because I greatly enjoyed your services on you I said, my fire will burn...

In English you would have to say:
to tell you THAT because I greatly enjoyed your services, on you I said...

The THAT is missing, and even if it were there that is one heck of a long and convoluted sentence.


The word GID (17) is the act of "uniting/rounding up" the dispersed.  Up and down from Egypt and the well (Josef/Saba/Mordecai/Moses)  It is the jumping and it is going out to do hafatsa.  AND OF COURSE: it is going to the Kibboutz!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Go to Uman to Rabbi Nachman --- לך לאומן לרבינו נחמן the song is in Hebrew but you can see some of the decorations going up everyday now in Uman B"H



Canada should make the bringing of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem it's

"cause celebre".  It is non-controversial (like Canada) but it is the

main element that will bring peace and avoid the nuclear, economic,

biological and environmental disaster developing before our very

eyes.  The project on the whole can only help bring very different

people together in a positive way.  The project is a big money maker

for everyone (even literally).  I think Canada should be given the

right to print Israeli Shekels if they are the nation that brings

Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.







The rise of an anti-European nationalistic movement in Ukraine has led

to rising instability and criminality in that country.  This country

has the number one worst record for anti-Semites in the world.  A

month ago it got so bad that Israeli students including Arab Israelis

had to stay in their dorms not to be lynched and women could not go to

hospitals for treatment.  The pilgrimage to Uman is seen as a

provocation by Ukrainians and has caused tension and danger for the

Ukrainians living around the grave as well as for Ukrainian Jews

countrywide.  The Canadian Government is well aware of all this.


The Israeli public travelling to Uman is under economic hardship,

while others want to go but cannot for various reasons.  This is a

negative situation which drains the moral and reduces productivity.

Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem will bring over a million tourists to the

"holy city" for Jerusalem and fuel a positive relationship between the

ZIonist and Religious factions of Israeli society.  The promotion of Rabbi

Nachman philosophy throughout the world will help trade by giving

various nations an updated cultural heritage more appropriate for our

time then the earlier religious or secular works.


The rising sea level is a multi billion dollar problem in Canada.  All

experts agree that by binding humidity in the desert and cooling off

these hot points, the sea level will drop.  The proper way to cool off

desert is to create soil through productive agriculture and not

monoculture pine forests which do not really produce soil and can be

rapidly burnt by arsonists.  This of course requires settlement of the

land which in turn requires peaceful co-existence of neighboring



There are four religious rules which take precedence to Torah

(according to the Talmud, which itself comes after the Torah of Moses).

1) Way of the land (good behavior),

2) Measure for measure,

3) The Garden of Eden (this is achievable),

4) Promise from before (promise made to


These four set management principles precede historically and legally

the books of Moses on which most religions are founded.  China which

does not believe in G-d has a suppressed "culture"(I heard this 1st

hand), that affirms that one man gave them four laws, a condition for

him feeding the whole country.  In my imagination this could very well

be the "butler of Pharaoh" that regretted having forgotten Josef for
personal gain, and therefore that part of Egypt thrived and prospered

while the Pharaoh that forgot Josef, was destroyed.

China in Hebrew is HATE (very very close they leave the "a" out or it

would be the same word).  Since we have forgotten Josef, but they

haven't (famine reminds them) they would normally have an advantage

over the nations whose leaders ignore the brothers' promise to Josef!

When the promise to Josef will be kept, and an official attempt to

bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem is made, hate will be disappear

mysteriously. International "brotherly hate" is simply a "measure for

measure" development of which we know the source and which can be

repaired.  The brothers did not want to recognise a brother that was

very special.  The nations can not recognise a nation that is equally


The cure to hate and what can bring the Garden of Eden back, (a situation where G-d walks on earth with mankind) is simply
bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion. I suggest, an ideal time to do this, is on Lag B Omer the 33ed day when the fight between the students of

Rabbi Akiba and Rabbi Hillel ended.  On that very day, 500 000 Israelis will already be doing a pilgrimage, it will be two stops instead of one, and you could easily get numbers in the 2 000 000 pilgrims, not a bad for a political awakening.


The political unrest in the middle east is an ideological conflict

between secularism and religion which is simply a thin disguise for a

material conflict of interests or social "malaise".  The Rabbi Nachman

doctrine is written for everybody to see.

The book Ebay Ha Nachal was created by the 1st Minister of Education

and the third President of the State of Israel, Zalman Shazar

requesting from

Rabbi Odesser letters to better understand Likutey Moharan.  The three

friends of President Zalman Shazar that participated in the creation of this

book are on the Israeli Banknotes, (Israac Ben Tzvi wrote a blue print

for peaceful relations with the Palestinians while Shai Agnon is a

Nobel Laureate in Literature, Prime Minister Moshe Sharett suggested

the title when the book was published for the first time).  Rabbi

Israel Odesser is also "on the money" since  od-esser which means

and-ten in Hebrew could refer to the ten coin.  The whole 360 degree

circle would

be all five friends together, the circle is Rabbi Nachmans symbol for

money.  The value of the Shekel seems to defy nature, the wheat we buy

comes 95% from the Ukraine where Rabbi Nachman is buried.  These are
not coincidences, this is the story of Josef all over again.

Monday, December 2, 2013