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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

today's notes

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT SINCE I GO IN FRONT OF YOU, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS STICK TOGETHER, AND I WILL BE WITH YOU...Thus said Rabbi Nachman who had made 4 steps in the holy land and was ready to "go home".  He also said " I finished and I will finish!".  Four steps symbolised 1) One angel created, 2) 1 mitsvah in the land of Israel, 3) the area needed to be buried, 4) conquered territory.

Nothing to worry about with his four steps he GARANTEED that we would be successful in sticking together- "EVENTUALLY".  Do we want this to happen now??? obviously yes..  How?

We need to worry THAT IN OUR LIFETIME this won't happen.  How can we make it happen then?  In the Petek and in Sabas conversation he emphasizes the word  "leha gid".  The "gid" is the ankle tendon with which the torah is bound.  It also means to tell.  The key is to tell others...about Na Nach.  This unites us and defeats Amalek, this is why the ALLIES DEFEATED HITLER, they were allied!  The swastika broken in four forms for letter N in Hebrew from Na Nach.  The Father of Amalek, Esav is born with Jacob holding his ankle and the angel of Esav is not allowed to escape because Jacob is holding his ankle.  Jacob asks him for his name which the angel is afraid to reveal and a blessing.  Jacob come out of this with a limp.

The act of telling others needs to be done organically, person to person, jungle telegraph, using the ankles.  The same way Rabbi Nachman needed to finish in order to finish.  We need to bring his BODY to Israel.  He went back to Ukraine so that the nation could fulfill it's vow to Josef without which anti-semitism will never cease!  As I explained above: Mida keneged mida kadma la tora, shouat kedem kadma la tora, derech eretz kadma la tora, gan eden mikedem!!!!  Without the Tzaddik there is NO TORA.

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The villager said...

Don't wait for Messiah to bring Rabbi Nachman. This time the simple people need to FORCE the government to represent them and bring rbbi nachman to Jerusalem. Rabbi Nachman bviously set this all up and he knew why.