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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

mitsvah gedola

Everyone is convinced that Simcha Gedola lihiot be Mitsvah.  F A L S E !!!


No one, but no one,  can attain the mitsvah gedola, maybe when he was a baby or an infant, but how can a person be happy every moment of their lives???

G-d wouldn't just tantalize us with the existence of a MITSVAH GEDOLA if it weren't a real possibility for us to achieve, even very realistic and desirable to strive for and attain!!!

In Sefer ha Midot, he writes (himself):  Mi she yesh lo atsvout che iten matana le tzaddik tadir (He who has depression he should give a gift (temple sacrifice) to the Returning and Great Tzaddik.)

Booo:  No temple, What on earth is a Great and Returning Tzaddik? Where can I find either and what do I give, I don't have any animals and don't trust the Rabbis!

Lets take this step by step, if I wasn't doing hafatsa step by step in the holy land I could show you any of this!

Na Nach was written on the Sefer Ha Ganouz in 1805. Saba says he is Na Nach 1995?  Saba ODESSER makes a book with four talmidim who appear on the 4 shekel banknotes.  The SHekel goes sky high.  95% of our wheat omes from Ukraine where Rabbi Nachman is buried.

Josef is buried in the Nile.  Moses and Joshua are born there grow up in the house of Pharo and bring Jose to Israel.

THAT IS A TZADDIK TADIR (returning tzsddik)

What to give? a coin to the guy walking for him (me) and later just to say Na Nach, that is also a gift to the Tzaddik.

I ran out of battery, but hope you can start moving from this!

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The villager said...

The Tzaddik nullifies the sins of depression you had in the past and you are thus TAMID BE SIMCHA (alwayse happy)