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Monday, November 18, 2013

How to contact Google --- Not!

For all those beyond frustrated about not being able to directly contact Google, please like this facebook page.
Those who have been wronged by Google - also leave a comment!
this is how it all started this morning:
HH just spotted that youtube disqualified this video of mine from ads without notifying me,, and of course it looks like it is impossible to contact them... the way they deal with people is disgusting, previously they decided that a little innocuous clip I made in Uman of a friend playing the guitar was unacceptable. Sometimes when I search for a video I made and I type in the exact name of the video it doesn't even come up in the first page, because it gives preference to other videos with titles vaguely similar. They have also previously ruled out the most harmless video I made, and they banned a little clip I made showing terrorists blowing themselves up claiming that it was unacceptable. They continuously challenge me to prove rights on material that I made from scratch, and has absolutely no copyright on it. In any event I would seriously like to sue the youtube for discrimination and unorthodox business practice. If anyone knows a lawyer capable and interested in pursuing this please let me know. It has potential of making a lot of Nanach noise. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!
INTRODUCING************** Google Spring **************
for those tired of being at the whims of google...
here's the beginning of the revolution on a (a google enemy site!) Facebook page:

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