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Thursday, November 7, 2013

a little exposition I started writing on facebook


HH a person is in the world for an average of 60 years, some make it to 70, and at best 80 (according to Psalms 90, Yimay has a numerical value of 60...., ubuhem, the privileged so to speak....) very few make it much longer. So what is the purpose of this short tenure. Those that choose not to believe in G-d, are then set to try to maximize their physical pleasures in their measly existence, more ice cream, more steaks, more cars, more women or whatever, as the saying goes, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. When any misfortune is dealt to these people it is extremely debilitating, because there is no explanation for it, just an indication that their fate is to suffer through this short life, what a dooser! Worse, even the very few who manage to capitalize on all the earthily pleasures, in no way is it worth all the hardships and suffering which is completely inevitable. Just the everyday scrapes and bangs, not to mention the conflicts and strife one encounters on a regular basis. Forget about things like childbirth which are agonizing, but the only way to get one of lifes biggest pleasers -- children. So these people who choose to ignore G-d have signed themselves to a life of pain and dismay R"L.

HH graduating now B"H to those who do believe in G-d, there are all types of levels to their belief. From what I observe here, there seems to be a belief in G-d, but great despondence of having a meaningful relationship with Him. As if a person is confined to keep some halacha with no meaning, or worse some quasi social reason as those given by the Rambam, making this a very miserable task indeed, and also making it impossible to get deeper to the root of the mitzvos - the simcha of G-d! Without getting to the simcha, it is impossible to be able to keep all the mitzvos, so caught in this catch, these people suffer it out doing the best they can to maintain what ever morals they can, making it up as they go along, and making the best compromises they can with how they will keep the mitzvos. They might have some figurehead rabbi or the likes who they look up to and respect, but it is a very superficial respect, because they have already given up on the idea of being completely holy, pure, and happy, they are just looking now to see the best way to make the compromises, and so they might have great respect for someone who mastered this falsehood and successfully built himself up in the world. This is how society build itself for the most part. These leading figures, by virtue of their audacity command the leadership, and the masses are happy to make a deal with them. The commoner gives the leader his own servitude, by giving him his respect and money, and in return the leader makes all the hard decisions in life for the commoner, and takes all the responsibility for him. Great deal. Today thanks somewhat to internet and other factors, many commoners are not so happy just being a little sheep in the herd and they are seeking their own independence -- even at the cost of taking responsibility for their lives (!!!), but even still, what are aiming to achieve with their attempt to independence? At best they will be like the small time leaders, people either determined to capitalize on their own power and pleasure, or people with very small minded ambitions or relationship with G-d. Very very sad....

Ok, so now you have someone stuck in this situation, he believes in G-d, and hasn't completely given up on life, but there is no hope, there is no where to turn. The person knows, has tasted the bitterness of this world and its taavos, desires and lusts, and sees no way out. The persons entire education didn't help overcome basic lackings which he has fallen into, and there is no rabbi or any figure that was able to help him, or that he even thinks can help him. Then what comes to mind are all types of false messiahs and charlatans who did promise relief and rectification, but thank G-d this person we are talking about isn't fool enough to fall for their falsehood. No way. So back to step one. Stuck, stuck, stuck.

HH now really such a person should really discuss this predicament with G-d, after all he believes in G-d, so why doesn't he speak to G-d? So of course the answer is that he does, just that because of his limited knowledge and experience in this field he isn't very proficient, he also has very little confidence at this. So he speaks a little to G-d, here and there, but it is uncomfortable, and he doesn't really know what he's doing, so he just gives up on it, and goes back to living the best he can. So basically he has to a great deal given up on himself, and even so to say given up on G-d! For he forsure still believes in G-d, and believes that in someway there is a future world where there will be an accounting for all deeds (and thoughts?!), but practically speaking he doesn't really see G-d having a major role in the daily proceedings of the world, maybe on some global level or a lifetime scheme, but nothing more. He would like to believe more, but he is stuck in this despair....

Introducing our holy leader... Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!

Problem is I couldn't even get to that last line before the host begged me to go away and unfriended me... B"H! NNNNM!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Dun Aryeh said...

This is an amazing piece, really liked it.

NaaNaach said...

HH -- you liked it, but the guy I was writing on his status -- he asked me to go away, and then he unfriended me....NNNNM!

The villager said...

look at my post about mitsvah gedola!