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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well he tries, but is interrupted, (pg.198 of Na Nach. Also pg.242), speaking about the unifying purpose of the Petek,
however...even the Petek is being attacked...

Conclusion, the BONES need to be brought before any revelations can be made. (yes, in spite of the Machloket BS that Rabbi Nachman has less rights then a regular Jew and Saba is wrong in wanting to bring him to Israel)

What is "Le ha gid lecha" mean (pg. 198 about the Petek)?

 - A.(me) to bind you to the Tzaddik along with all of Israel. Imagine each Jew is a letter of the Torah. Today it's a big game of scrabble and even the pages are not sewn together as of yet,,,,(that's why you need the gid Menashe)

Looking forward to communicating freely without interference by the forces of the Baal Davar!  For the moment we stick to simple tactical goals. "a la guerre comme a la guerre"-- go team!

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