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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rachel and Nachman

EVOLUTION & RABBI NACHMAN Rabbi Nachman is not a regular man, neither is Josef. Both men were born of a woman and both had a father, yet they are something completely new as compared to other men. Men unlike animals have names and can chose a path to take during their lives. The path can become a part of history and other men can choose to follow it, even men that never met or saw any example to follow. As shown during the flood, each animal has a particular animal-mate, even ducks and baboons. The pre-destined mate for Esav was Lea and she knew it! Because Lea got her information about Esav from disenchanted aquaintances of his, she got into the habit of crying and asking for G-d not to allow her mate to marry her. As a result, the children of Esav that were supposed to be born from Lea, came to other women (possible the women that were destined to the men Esav had chased away!). Rachel then made the capital mistake of obeying her father and allowing Jacob to become the husband of Lea. Her "punishment" was that her own children were born to Lea. Having NO CHILDREN, Rachel cried like her sister had done and G-d granted her a son which was neither hers nor Jacobs, he was a son born from prayers and tears (like Israk, who WAS the son of Abraham). This UNIQUE child had unique properties, e had absolutely no sexual lusts. The ferocious tribulations he went through did corrupt his fingertips, all ten like his 10 "cruel" brothers. Rachel gave him the name "add me one more". This caused Jacob to "claim" the two grandchldren making Josef truely one (with no chidren of his own) and created the obligation for one more better son to be born. Rabbi Nachman explains that when a saint makes a prayer request it must materialize, but until then it forms clouds and rain. We all know Rachel is the "Schina" (neighboring cloud of glory) and she cries for her children. She cried 10 years in this world and was granted Josef. Before dying she started crying again and clled Benjamin Ben Oni, son of my sorrow. She had not accepted him as better thn hs brother and in fact Jacob took him away from her.. leaving the name Benoni (average) as her version of the name Benjamin. In Benjamin is not her son then why has it taken so long for her to get a second son and when will she get him? Benjamin is the first "son of Jacob born in Israel" he is also the fruit of tears of Rachel who is now requesting more and better then Josef, evn though Jacob is fully satisfied with Josef, the brothers are very there is a problem. The second son needs to be someone no one is upset about. Josef is already on a level far beyond the reach of either Jacob or Rachel (his mate was the most beautiful woman of Egypt no other then his cousin the daughter of Dinah). Benjamin is flawed from the fact that he was cursed in the stomach of his mother by Jacob when he received the visit of Laban. Burdened by the curse, even though he is born in Israel, Benjamin cannot reach the level of Josef. Rabbi Nachman comes to Israel and on his return says: everything I wrote before going to Israel is of no value compared to what I teach now! If Rachel is still crying, even though Rabbi Nachman is born and her children are back, it is because her special son is NOT in Israel. In "evolutionary" terms Rabbi Nachman is like Josef a son formed from tears and blessings, he grew up in the house of Torah of the Baal Shem Tov, so he was shielded from the hate of 10 brothers. Rabbi Nachman also brought himself to Israel where he experienced a new birth in Torah. The remaining legacy of someone who never sinned is in his writings and in the letters (or lack of) on his bones. The tears that formed Rabbi Nachman have been 3000 years and the constant formation of clouds and rain since Rachel was buried in Beit Lechem which alludes to Nachman (kemach).

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