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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eitzot Yisharot on Shmiras HaBris

Rebbe Nachman's Advice is All Spread Out Throughout the Books 
Blessed be Hashem that he prepared a cure before our illness and sent us a redeemer, the flowing stream, our master and teacher Rebbe Nachman, may his memory be blessed. That he and his holy student revealed to us the great unlimited mercy that Hashem has for us. However their holy words and great techniques for strengthening and revival are all spread out in the holy torahs of the books Likutay Maharan and Likutay Halachos.
(Eitzot Yisharot Introduction)

Many Have Given Up Hope 
I have noticed how now in the thickness of the exile and darkness, at the time proceeding the arrival of the Moshiach, there are many of our Jewish brothers that greatly yearn to serve Hashem, however it appears to them that they do not have any hope, heaven forbid.
(Eitzot Yisharot Introduction)

A Person Must Pass Over A Narrow Bridge of Truth
The main bridge that a person has to pass over in this world is the 'truth'. Since a person has to pass over a very narrow bridge in this world and the main thing is not to be frightened at all.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 1 based on LH Hilchos Tefilin, Halacha 5, Section 41)

The Truth Helps One to Overcome All Obstacles 
All the confusion and all the obstacles that a person has regarding his service of Hashem, the main obstacle is the uncertainty of the mind. The main method to pass over all of these is the 'truth' which guides a person how to pass over it all.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 1 based on LH Hilchos Tefilin, Halacha 5, Section 41)

Holding the Weapons in Your Hands in Itself is a Victory
A person whose intention is for the 'truth' and girdles himself in battle for the sake of the 'truth' - he is always victorious. Any time a person takes any action for the battle of this Mitzvah, he is immediately victorious, since his intent is purely for the sake of Heaven. Even if he does not merit to completely win the battle, despite this, this in itself that he is holding weapons in his hands to do battle against the enemies of Hashem, the Yetzer Hara and his forces, this in itself is called a victory. Each and every action and even a slight movement that a person strengthens himself and does to do the will of Hashem is very precious in His eyes and immediately he is very victorious with a true eternal victory. This is the only true victory, since this victory will last forever as "there is no good intention that is lost". This is eluded to in the holy Zohar in regards to the four species of the lulav. It says there: "Who is victorious? The one who holds weapons in his hands". Since as soon as a person holds weapons in his hands to battle those that oppose him from reaching the 'truth', with this alone he has already conquered much.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 2 based on LH Hilchos Birchas HaRiya, Halacha 5, Section 9,19)

Do Not Despir Due to the Knowledge of Your Sins
Sometimes a person can fall, Heaven forbid because of 'truth' itself, since he knows in his soul that he has flawed and destroyed much and now he is also holding where he is. Therefore the the 'evil one' entices him through this 'truth' to completely destroy himself. This is a common occurrence amongst people and many have completely lost their existence through this 'truth'.

However the true Tzadikim have already revealed to us that the 'truth of the truth' is not like this. Rather a person has to strengthen himself with Hashem at all times and to actualize the concept of "If I go to heaven You are there and if I lay in Hell, You are there". That even in the pits of Hell, Heaven forbid a person should know and believe that he is still close to Hashem and no despair exists in the world and even from there it is possible to truthfully draw close to Hashem.

Certainly a person needs to guard himself from sin, even from the most minor flaw. Despite this even if a person has stumbled as much as he stumbled, even tens of thousands of times, Heaven forbid. Despite this, at each and every second the loving kindness of Hashem continues and it is possible for a person to draw himself close to Hashem at any time regardless of where he is holding. The greatness of Hashem is immeasurable and through Teshuva, crying out, prayer and much pleading everything can change for the better as in the concept where "sins transform into merits". This is the essence of the 'truth of truths'.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 2 based on LH Hilchos Shabbos, Halacha 7, Section 58, 63, 64)

Do Not Get Mislead by False 'Truths'
All the controversy on the true Tzadikim, both the controversy originating from other chasidim and righteous individuals and especially what comes from the philosophers that lean towards the path of disbelief, Heaven forbid, this is all through their created 'truths'. The 'truth' is made into piles and piles and each person claims he has the 'truth'. Therefore most of the books of philosophy cry out only about 'truth'. Woe is to them and their forged 'truth', that is in essence the epitome of falsehood and disbelief, Heaven forbid. It comes out that 'truth' also needs good protection so that a person should not get misled, Heaven forbid through false 'truths'.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 2 based on LH Hilchos Shabbos, Halacha 7, Section 58, 63, 64)

Main Mercy is to Give People the Truth
The main mercy that one must have on other Jews is to insert in them the 'truth' and through this remove them from their sins and bring them close to Hashem.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 4 based on LH Hilchos Chanuka, in Hasmatos at end of Arach Chaim 3)

Yelling to Hashem Helps One Exit Even Worst Darkness 
Even if a person has fallen to the place where he has fallen, Heaven forbid. Even if the darkness surrounds him from all sides. Despite this, if he believes in Hashem with truthful simplicity that Hashem is one and cries out to Hashem "Hashem, Hashem why have you abandon me" and pleads to him with truth. Then the 'truth' lights up the way for him to leave the darkness and enter light. He then also merits to create an opening for others, to take them out of the darkness and bring them to Teshuva.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 9 based on LH Hilchos Dayanim, Halacha 20, Section 20)

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