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Monday, September 9, 2013

Instant truth, the Reshaim buried in darkness!

  1. 8:47pm
    Hi Joe,
    This is to explain how bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will place all the citizens on the level of Moses.
    Moses and Jehoshua ben Nun came out of the Nile where Josef was buried, Josef wanted everyone to bow to him because it would give them merit to do so, (even the sun and the moon- Jacob and Rachel).
    When the Angel of G-d called from the sky to Abraham it was nothing like being called to from G-d as a host in the tabernacle! Moses is way higher then Abraham the father of all the nations after the "akeda"!!
    How did Moses get this "honor" from G-d his host?
    G-d his GUEST!
    Moses brought out the "bones" of Josef with him...Vayikra has a small Alef.
    When Moses dies he is gathered to his people like Ahron was gathered to his own people. 1) Moses is not buried by anyone coming out of Egypt at the time.2) The word "gather" in Hebrew is JOSEF with a large ALEF. What Moses did to Josef is that he gathered him...
    But not only that, he walked him to Israel. The next to last passage in the Haftorah is "protect the feet of the Hassids, evil ones in darkness will die, the strong will not win by their strength" Those that took Josef OUT were his Hassids (Moses and Jehoshua) by "bowing to the Tzaddik" they are putting shade on the "evil leaders".

    Finally and MOST importantly..."Rachel will be rewarded for her tears". Rachel started crying AFTER she died, as Ben Oni was taken away by Jacob and called Benyamin. He was to her a benoni nothing more the Josef..."add me one more" and in fact Josef was her son, but the grandchildren were not... so he was one, and she wants ONE more. The tears spent to get Josef are nothing by comparison with the tears to get the second son. We can hardly imagine the sanctity of this second son. This is a necessity because when the GOVERNEMENT of Israel,
    working for it's citizens" brings Rabbi Nachman to Israel... we will all become Hassids of Rabbi Nachman carrying him WITH OUR OWN FEET to Jerusalem. G-d will call out to us the same way he did to Moses... even more because Jerusalem is bigger and better then the tabernacle and
    Josef is only a for-runner of the real thing! Ask Rachel.
    And called (big Alef) to the whole house of Israel, G-d, from the Tzion of King David, where Rabbi Nachman is buried and he said: you can open your eyes, now that you have my blessing!

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The villager said...

THIS IS the issue that can turn everything for the good!

Moses and Joshua Ben Nun were to say it mildly "licensed Egyptian executioners". They were NOT yeshiva students, they were lethal and ferocious killers working for an EVIL dictatorship.

How did they reach the highest peaks of Yiddishkeit?


They decided to be loyal to Josef, the way they had been loyal to Pharoe!