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Sunday, September 15, 2013

How two Henchmen become saints

THIS IS the issue that can turn everything for the good!

Moses and Joshua Ben Nun were to say it mildly "licensed Egyptian executioners". They were NOT yeshiva students, they were lethal and ferocious killers working for an EVIL dictatorship.
Joshua's father who worked for Pharo threw him to the fish as a sign of loyalty.  Joshua had a harder childhood then Tarzan because he was brought up by fish and familiar with crocodile wrestling.  In shock that his father had tried to kill him as a baby he "liquidated" his father and would have also done the same to his mother.  Pharo hired this mythical man-crocodile to be his trusted henchman.
Moses as a member of Pharo's house could kill any one he wanted for any reason..but killing an Egyptian for a Jew was pushing it.

How did they reach the highest peaks of Yiddishkeit?


They decided to be loyal to Josef, the way they had been loyal to Pharoe!
Moses carried Josef by HIMSELF while Joshua commanded 10 men to do it for him.

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nissimnanach said...

very interesting torot and great work villager, chazaq w'ematz!

Anonymous said...

Is there a source for this . A REAL sourcein the torah (sounds lik e edipus the greek)