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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Economics 123, part 1

The currency issue is real.

Back in Babylon, it made a great difference WHO was on the coin, or to whom the seal or signature belonged to.  Pharoe's ring for example could most likely be used to create currency on the spot.  Imagine that, that's how it was.... and it wasn't magic.

The ring was rolled on clay and thus clay coins were created, more like seals.  It worked!  I guess forgery was very dangerous business.

Now the name of G-d appears 1820 times in the Torah.  YKVK (the four Hebrew letters) [value 26]  are pronounced adonai [value 65].  If you add all the numbers from 26 to 65 you get 1820! 26+27+28...+65= 1820.  There are 27 examples of these types of calculation including the names of the sons of Moses and the names of the surviving sons of Ahron,   always they add up to 1820!  

Thank G-d for AMERICAN history, otherwise this mystery about G-d could never be solved.....
1820 is the year of the Missouri Compromise.
That's when all efforts to abolish slavery were COMPROMISED!

G-d defines himself as a jealous master, in other words he is against slavery.

Now the southern states were PRO slavery and PRO southern bells.  When the Civil War came they printed the Grey Back Dollar featuring BLACK SLAVES and Topless WHITE WOMEN.  Abraham Lincoln went the other way, he printed 5 Banknotes featuring abolitionists... and he didn't care if there was gold or not, because in G-d WE TRUST.  Things were pretty black and white.

Thank G-d the United States has never taken those ABOLITIONISTS off the currency.

Israel under pretense that the banknotes are easy to forge, are claiming they need to change the four people on the bank note.  Obviously the two issues are NOT related (since the US has changed printing process without changing either the color or the people on the note for over 100 years!).  Never a good sign when the public is being lied to.  (As a rule of thumb a person that lies has no way of knowing the truth himself...(reward and punishment)).   

The people on the bills are four students of my Rabbi, Israel Dov Odesser, original Na Nach Chassids.  They brought the book EBAY HA NACHAL to print.  The people being suggested to replace them are:  Zionist Poets who wrote about the beauty of the land of Israel.... and lusted after women and colonial power.  The two last times the idea of changing the currency was suggested in the newspapers, wild forest fires took place and prison keepers died in the flames.  The first fire was actually unstoppable until the government went back on their decision to change the 200 and maintained it would go back to the original (so they know?). 

This last part is not very logical...unless you accept that some laws of nature are NOT UNDERSTOOD.  It doesn't mean they CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD.  To me it's very logical and can be taken at "face value".

The economic lesson here is a major one.  I am not going to go into it any further without feedback from you.  I think it's very pertinent and valuable information.

Happy New year,

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