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Monday, August 26, 2013


The following is the result of logical thinking:

Esav was supposed to marry Lea, but he didn't know it, or he didn't understand the difference between sex and zivoug.  He tried to compensate by having a zivoug with the daughter of Ishmael.  Lea was perhaps responsible, she wasn't so much older then Rachel, but like Esav, she was no doubt more "developped", if she knew about Esav in time to marry at the regular age, she probably caused problems with her crying, that she didn't want him.  She WAS ready to wait it out.

Rachel "gave away" her zivoug and her punishment was that her sons were born by her sister, the way women would have sons born by their servants.  Then Rachel also tried crying since it had worked so well for Lea.  Sure enough she was rewarded with the holiest of all men "Josef" the master to his brothers (and parents).  The surprise comes at a later date, Jacob takes away Josef's sons and says these are mine.  He also did this to Rachel regarding Benyamin!  Rachel called Josef "add me ONE more" that's actually his name!  She wasn't crying tears of SADNESS when she said that, those were tears of joy, if they were tears at all.  Rachel did start crying and continued after her death when she called the one about to be born, "son of my sorrow" and when Josef 'took him as his own son' instead, he called him Benyamin.  Son of my sorrow in Hebrew if the words are combined into one spell out the word "average" or "regular".  This implies that this son was NOT superior to Josef, therefore not an answer to Rachel's request.  Rachel started her crying from beyond the grave that continues til today.

Have no doubt, just as the words of someone as holy as Rachel are bound to take place eventually, the righteous tears of a person in the world of truth are bound to bring a reward, not a punishment.  She is crying because she gave away her sons, AND because her husband took the sons of Josef, which she thought were hers.  The ONLY son of Rachel, and he is the result of her rightful tears, and he is NOT a son of Jacob is Rabbi Nachman.  You might say HE is ONLY born of a woman and has no father, except G-d!  In fact, he was born to the most holy Jewish family ever, but really he belongs to another world all together.

In practical terms.  The two nations that come from JACOB ONLY are USA and FRANCE.  We are really sons of Rachel, born by Lea and the servants.  The other nations are sons of LEA born by the wives of Esav. ALL of US are the brothers and sisters of Rabbi Nachman who is the real son of Rachel holiest of all men true father of all the generations

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