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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Correspondence for the year on bringing Rabbi Nachman

The Committee to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
42 Jaffa St
Vice President: 0504 104 961
Chairman: 052 71111 71

Chief Peace Negotiator, The Honorable Mrs. Tzippi Livni
Ministry of Justice
29 Salah A-din St. 
Jerusalem 91010 

Chief Peace Negotiator, Minister of Justice of the State of Israel,
Honorable Mrs. Tzippi Livni.

The ultimate decision is apparently yours, to forward the vital operation of bringing Rabbi Nachman to xxxx. Every one involved has been informed of "their role"(Facebook site in english). President Obama, should be receptive to you and that is the right address for you to make this request.

I know bloodshed can be avoided and an area of Peace is truly just within reach. One call to Mr. xxxx and this will become a reality for the good of everyone.

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