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Friday, August 2, 2013

More Sichos Haran on Shmiras Habris

Proceed With Balance 
Even though a person has to be very - very quick in serving Hashem, to constantly push himself at every instant to accomplish a lot of holy service, since the main thing is action; to study a lot of Torah, to perform many Mitzvos and to do much prayer, begging an pouring out your heart in front of Hashem and so too with all other actions pertaining to the Service of Hashem. Still, do not become frightened when you see the Holy books describing many different holy services. Do not become frightened from this and say to yourself "When will I be able to accomplish even one of these described actions, certainly all of them". A person has to insure that he does not become confounded, trying to grab everything at once, rather he should proceed with ease and measurement, little by little. He should not become completely confused and confounded since he wants to do and grab everything all at once, due to this becoming completely confused. Just like when there is a fire, heaven forbid, due to the confusion people grab things they do not need. Instead a person should act with measurement and calmness, little by little.
(Sichos Haran 27)

If You Can Not do it then Yearn 
And if sometimes a person can not do anything at all in the service of Hashem, what can he do, Hashem acquits a person who can not do something against his will. He should accustom himself to always yearn, crave and desire for Hashem, since the yearning and desire in itself are very big things and all Hashem wants is the heart.
(Sichos Haran 27)

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