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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Miraculous Nis (Ness)


The world has this law of supply and demand theory which everything is based on.  The idea is that if air for example became a scarce commodity people would be willing to pay any price for it...(If they didn't just give up or simply die).  If you have more money then items to buy, then theoretically the value of the money drops like any commodity in oversupply. Hogwash, because money can be saved and inspires creativity and diverse literally encourages growth, even new births and population increase.

Paper money as explained by the Postmaster General (Benjamin Franklin) was redeemable since you could use it eventually to pay for taxes after the "colonial" was used full circle in the colony, which was so short on liquidity btw, that they were using Spanish Dollars instead of British Pounds Sterling.  The soldiers were paid in colonials or pound sterling depending on who the people they were buying from paid taxes to.  (you had that out of air affect).

Today we have electric virtual money and some people are getting frighteningly rich on the much is actually being "created" on line if you know what I mean, you can pay for all kinds of services and authority status, you can even pay to get "likes" etc... Many people are getting all their savings sucked out of them by these systems.  The losses and gains are unrelated.

You have some banking establishments that everyone believes in and that are too big to fail, etc...these get bailed out by the Federal Reserve, but many people loose a lot of money.  Here also the losses and gains are unrelated.

Then again, better to be poor in Canada then Rich in Aleppo or Holms, which goes to show that in some cases money is of no value at all.  Here again the losses and gains are unrelated.

Gold is not as cool as it once was... 

In comes the power of miracles, which most theorists consider not a part of the science of economics.  Just because they don't understand something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist and cannot be accounted for or even understood.

1st Miracle: 

 All four Israeli Shekel banknotes are the editors of Ebay Ha Nachal, the writings of Na Nach!

2 ond Miracle:

Fires break out in defacing the beauty of the land when it is announced that poets are to replace the editors on the banknotes.

3 ed Miracle:

Prison keepers burn in both fires.

4 th Miracle:

The fire in Haifa mysteriously stops when it is agreed Zalman Shazar remains on the 200 Shekel bill.  Fire fighting planes from Greece and Turkey were to no avail before that.

5 th Miracle:

The first fire burns 44 prison keepers... 88 is Heil Hitler it is also Pach in Hebrew or tin.  The tin was broken and the light burned for 8 days... this happened on the day The Elder of Lubavitch was let out of jail.  There are a total of 44 lights on Hannukka, and SHmo, Na Na ch  is "his name is Na (8) Na 8 - also a form of breaking up the 88.

6 th Miracle:

The Ukrainians have just decided to put the evil Bohdan Khmelnytsky on their 5 Heryven banknote this June.

7 th Miracle:

With Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem more and more people are going to want Shekels and it's value is going to sky rocket, while the price of wheat produced by the Ukraine and like-minded nations is going to drop.

8 th Miracle:

The Dollar is a reserve currency for oil.  So it is linked to the "energy dependency" or "slavery" represented by this commodity.  The Shekel is linked to the "cultural and purification" oriented tourist industry.  Precisely what should liberate the individual, that is what the Exodus from Egypt was about.

9 th Miracle:

The "value of Jeruslem" is about to SURGE!  But the Middle East is far from a stable place!
This is especially true if Rabbi Nachman is buried next to King David.

10 th Miracle:

Just like Josef saved the world from famine and war, so will Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem!

It is the most serious and important move possible for Netanyahu to allow the Israeli Government to to everything in it's power to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  Not only Israel depends on this but the whole world does.

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