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Monday, June 10, 2013


It's going to happen before they change it...  All currencies will drop and our enemies will find themselves with worthless dollars!  We want to help America of course and will print Shekels as an emergency measure to help the old, New Israel.  On condition that they accept that Jerusalem is the Capital of All Israel!

I don't think it's a joke that G-d chose to put the printers of the first book of the presidency on our money!  ALL OF THEM BELIEVERS IN THE PETEK!!!!  Not fools, talmidim chochamim!   The first minister of education is the receiver of the letters... Any world power leader that ignores them from now on will be utterly powerless and ignored himself!

The world is past the age of playing with toys. (and dolls).  Bar Mitsvah time, grow up world, te shekel is stronger then the mightiest army!  Because---> to G-d who created Heaven and Earth nothing presents a challenge.  NOTHING!  May we all merit to follow the advice of Rabbi Nachman because our lives truly depend on it.

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