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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Na Nach on the parsha

In this weeks parsha, parshas Balak, we see an amazing deed done by Ha-sHem, This deed was the brachos and the praises given to bnei yisroel through bilaam, a "navi" of the other nations. Bilaam had the ability to talk to g-d, in addition was able to say a bracha or a curse and it would come true. 

Bilaam was hired by Balak to curse the Jews, because Balak knew the true strength of bnei yisroel because they had Ha-ShEm, and knew that because of the kedusha that they had, they would easily defeat Balak. We see towards the end of the parsha, that instead of bilaam cursing bnei yisroel, he gave amazing brachos, some that we find in the morning brachos. 

The question is, what did bnei yisroel do, that Ha-sHeM would have so much love for them, right after complaining to Moshe, that it would have been better to be left in Egypt etc. found at the end of parshas chukas. The answer is hisbodidus.

 Right after complaining to Moshe, Ha-SheM sent serpents to bite and kill  the people that were compaling amongst bnei yisroel. While this was occurring bnei yisroel realized how much love Ha-sHeM has for them, and how much kindness he had done for them, and immediately confessed that they sinned against Ha-sheM, and regretted it, and this act they they did-hisbodidus ultimately gave them the zechus to instead of being cursed by bilaam,  being blessed by bilaam. 

The power of hisbodidus is amazing! Just speak from the heart, in your own language everything and anything on your mind. Admit any wrongdoings to Ha-SheM and think of ways to just start new, and work on doing the right things. As seen in this weeks parsha, it can also turn a gzar din (decree given from heaven) into bracha that lasts for an eternity. 

Have an amzazing shabbos filled with incredible simcha everyone!!! ( I know its not quite shabbos yet but its close enough :)
Na nach Nachma Nachman meuman!!!!!!