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Friday, June 14, 2013

More Shivchay Haran on Shmiras Habris

Start Again from the Begining 
Rebbe Nachman was accustomed to start each time from the beginning. When he would occasionally fall from his spiritual level, he would not despair from this. Instead he would tell himself that he would restart from the beginning as if he had never started entering the service of Hashem, as if only now he was first starting. So too each and every time, his custom was to start from scratch. He would have a few starts in one day, sometimes even in a single day he would fall from his spiritual service and he would start from the beginning, even few times in a single day.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 6)

Plead and Beseech With Prayers 
The main spiritual techniques through which Rebbe Nachman merited to what he merited was only through excessive prayers, petitions, pleadings, appeasements and requests that he was very accustomed to pray and plead in front of Hashem. He would appease and petition Hashem with numerous types of pleadings and requests that Hashem would merit him in His great mercy and bring him close to His service. The main thing that helped Rebbe Nachman were the prayers that he prayed in Yiddish. He was very accustomed to set aside for himself a place where no people were to be found and he he would converse with Hashem in his native language, Yiddish. He would appease and petition Hashem and would request and plead before Hashem with numerous arguments and reasonings how it was befitting to Hashem to bring him close to His service. Rebbe Nachman was very, very accustomed to doing this and spent months and years doing so.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 10)

Main Thing is Hisbodedute
Aside from the many formalized prayers that Rebbe Nachman used to pray, the main thing were the prayers that he used to pray from himself. Meaning, his custom to speak from his heart in front of Hashem in Yiddish, where he would pray and argue in front of Hashem with many, many arguments, pleadings and requests, that he composed with his own mind and heart, as mentioned above that Hashem should merit his to His service. This was the main technique that helped Rebbe Nachman to reach the level that he reached. This we heard explicitly from his holy mouth.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 10)

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Os Santos têm uma relação muito forte e muito íntima com Deus, foi o caso do Rebbe Nachman