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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Extractions from Shivchay Haran on Shmiras Habris

Rebbe Nachman's Practices Can Bring All Close to Hashem 
These practices [brought down in the books of Rebbe Nachman] are holy and precious practices that each and every person can use to come close to Hashem through these practices, as they are customs that are equivalent to all whether a person is big or small. Even the lowest Jew if he wishes to to have mercy on his life and to think about the everlasting purpose and then accustoms himself to go in these channels and paths that are mentioned here [in the books of Rebbe Nachman], will for sure merit the 'Next World' and will be able to reach very high and holy levels like those of high spiritual rank, if he is strong in his mind to hold onto his good path consistently, like a strong peg so he does not fall.
(Shivchay Haran Intro)

Sometimes Better to Hide Spiritual Levels 
Even though Rebbe Nachman was already holding on high spiritual levels, during his youth he would outwardly perform many childish actions.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 2)

Serve Hashem Secretly
As he grew older Rebbe Nachman started entering the Service of Hashem. Yet all his spiritual worship was very very concealed, so much that not a single person knew about him at all since he was very hidden and concealed. All of his spiritual service was done very hiddenly and secretly.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 5)

Serve Hashem With Simplicity
In the beginning the bulk of his spiritual service was with great simplicity and without any wisdom at all, just in complete simplicity.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 5)

Serve Hashem With Great Effort and Strength 
Each and every thing he accomplished was with great effort, major dedication and self sacrifice. There was not a single spiritual practice that came to him easily. Rather each and every spiritual practice came to him only though tremendous effort, where he would strain himself time after time for each and every element of his spiritual service. He had countless ups and downs, thousands and tens of thousands, without count or number.
It was very hard and heavy upon Rebbe Nachman to begin entering the the Service of Hashem and to accept His yoke upon him. Often he would start for a few days, dedicating himself to the Service of Hashem and then he would fall from that. He would then get up and start again and then he would fall again. This repeated itself many times until one time he strengthened himself that he will remain strong in the Service of Hashem forever and he will not pay attention to anything that happens. From then and on his heart became strong in Hashem. Although even afterwards he constantly still had many - many ups and downs, yet from that point on he was strong that he would never stop his Service of Hashem, even though occasionally he has a descent, even then he will strengthen himself in his Service of Hashem to do whatever he could.
(Shivchay Haran - His Greatness 5)

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