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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Committee to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
Vice President, Mordecai Spiro
11 Ebay Ha Nachal, PB 224
90966 Maale Amos
Gush Etzion
Tel: 0504 104 961

Mr. Uzi Landau
Ministry of Tourism
5, Bank of Israel Street
Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91009
Tel: 02 6754811
Fax: 02 6733592

Attention of: The Minister of Tourism of the State of Israel,

Honorable Mr. Uzi Landau,

Now is the historical opportunity to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, especially since the tomb has been legally taken over by the Ukranian Minister of Justice as a historical tourist resort belonging to Ukrainians.

They do not need the body of Rabbi Nachman, because they don't want the Hasidim to come to Rabbi Nachman. The security problems are enormous and everybody wants to avoid a disaster.

Jewish pilgrims would much rather travel to Jerusalem then to risk their lives in Uman. Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, has written a letter which expresses that he is very enthusiastic about the tourism potential for Jerusalem that Rabbi Nachman brings.

Rabbi Nachman has a reputation as world class philosopher and his teachings are studied by Universities and Churches. Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will create a World Peace Center around Mt. Zion and help keep Jerusalem united.

Rabbi Nachman will bring a gigantic economic boost once he is in the right place.


Geoffrey Mordecai Spiro
Vice President of the Committee

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